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Microman 2004 Series

Material Force Series Toys R Us Exclusive Microlady Material Force Series 1 (12/28/04)


Microman 2004



Series 1 ( 2nd Run) (2/04)

M-01 Obsidian (Black)

M-02 Cloud (White)

M-03 Rover (Flesh)

M-04 Core (Red)


Series 2 (4/28/04)
M-05 Sur (Yellow)


Series 3 (7/21/04)
M-06 Turso (Blue)


Series 4 (9/16/04)
M-07 Spinat (Green)


Series 5 (12/7/04)

M-08 Tristis (Cool Gray)


Series 6 (12/28/04)

Microlady Material Force
ML-01 Weiss (White-S)

ML-02 Froid (White-M)

ML-03 Lawine (White-L)


ML-04 Stella (Black-S)

ML-05 Wega (Black-M)

ML-06 Nova (Black-L)


ML-07 Crescent (Yellow-S)

ML-08 Lune (Yellow-M)

ML-09 Selene (Yellow-L)




Microlady Material Force came package in new box. The box was much more plain than the previous male body Material Force. There was no catalog insert for the Microlady and only small sticker on the box top denotes the type of figure inside.







Takara Material Force series was design for fans and collectors to create their own custom Microman figures using the "blank" core body (i.e. "materials") provided by Takara. The first Material Force series was released as test run in 2003 and met with much success. In 2004, Takara made Material Force series into a full sub-line for the Microman 2004 series. Takara had been adding more colors to the original four and in the winter of 2004, they added full line-up of Female Body version of Material Force.  The first Microlady Material Force to be released by Takara was actually a mail-away figure for Biomachine promotion which was flesh color version of Microlady Material Force. For mass release series, Takara included three different colors and each color came with three difference size bust - S, M and L for total of nine variations. Each color and bust size had its own name and designation, however Takara did not include any catalog for them so there was no bio or background story on these Microlady Material Force. Each figure came in white box (much more plain than the previous Material Force packaging). A sticker denote the figure's designation number, name, color and size. Lady Material Force for some reason got the same designation as Microlady as ML-0X.  Each figure came with set hands in matching colors.

ML-01 Weiss, ML-02 Froid and ML-03 Lawine

ML-04 Stella, ML-05 Wega and ML-06 Nova

ML-07 Crescent, ML-08 Lune and ML-09 Selene