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Excerpts from Neko Mook Quanto Zero One Microman 2004 Perfect Book as translated by Tomoyoshi Araki 





Microman 2004 took Microman series in the new direction with new story line to fit into 21st Century scientific development. Gone was the original "Superman"-like story and in its place was a story of man-made Microman with reference to today scientific development and research such as Nano-technology, cell & DNA research, gene mapping, gene splicing and cell cloning. This might seem at first a strange choice and big departure from the old alien visitors from outer-space story. Many fans (and I am included) has many misgiving about the new direction. However, upon closer examination, the new story, which based on genetic technology and with its, all the underlying moral and ethical implications, was in many ways very much similar to the way the old Microman story that was used for Original Microman series. Back in 1974, the then current scientific news, real or otherwise, were all integrated into Microman story. The 70's phenomenon such as the UFO sightings, alien visitors, flying machines, space travel, solar power, robotic research, artificial intelligence, cybernetic implant, genetic mutation and android were in those days the forefront of scientific discoveries and scientific controversies much like today debate on cell research and human cloning.


This section of Microforever was created to present some of the excerpts and translation of Microman 2004 Zero One Mook story. This section was not meant to infringe on Takara and Neko copyrights and was created solely for Microman fans who could not read Japanese but might find background story interesting and gave them greater enjoyment for their collection of these new wonderful Microman creations by Takara. The translation was done by Mr. Tomoyoshi Araki who had volunteer to help me with this project. He is doing this purely for the good of Microman community and is not in anyway benefit from this task. Not all translation will be 100 percent accurate and any corrections or help are welcome.



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1. Born of Micro-Cell 

2. Micro-Humanoids



3. Micro Force First Mission

4. Acroyear-X







Story of Dr. Burns and Dr. Silver -

#1 Life Over the Humanity

Many years ago, two young scientists began their research to cure the problem of food shortage and population explosion. Their research center around the "reduction of cell structure".  By reducing the cell structure, their hope was to slowdown the consumption of food and energy by human. Dr. Burns has PhD in cellular study while Dr. Silver has PhD in genetic.


They help each other in the research and using the RATT experiment they discovered "N-GENE" and "MICRO-CELL". At last, with these two discoveries, they were able to create a "Micro-Humanoid" using gene from Human combine with "N-GENE" and "MICRO-CELL". In their secret lab, they were able to create Microman, a micro-clone of human.  However, when Dr. Burns ran the tests on the Micro-humanoid, he found that they has amazing IQ and super-human ability. Dr. Burns was forced to ponder at last the implication of his creation. Were these Micro-humanoid Savior of mankind or  Evil incarnated? Dr. Burns stopped Micro-humanoid research due to moral and ethical dilemma.


#2 Missing Dr. Silver!!

Dr. Silver, however, has different point of view on this matter. He decided that the Micro-humanoid are not for research to benefit human but instead he sees in them the potential for turning them into Super Weapon Soldiers. One day, Dr. Silver went missing from his laboratory along with the "MICRO-CELL" sample. No one was able to phantom what would be Dr. Silver true intention. Was he out for destruction?  terrorism? no one know his ultimate ideology. Dr. Burns becomes very frighten of Dr. Silver's action since he knew full well the implication and potential of their research.


Dr. Burns decided to choose four Micro-Humanoids and gave them four set of Micro-weaponry and armors. He named them Microman "Micro Force" Team and instructs them to search and bring back the missing Dr. Silver.


#3 Micro-Humanoid Research

<This section has a lot of technical mumbo jumbo and was very difficult to translate>



MICRO-CELL is much smaller than human cell. The scale is about 1/18 of human cell. The cloning process was able to duplicate human cell in small size but retain all the basic characteristic of humanoid cell. However, the only strange abnormality was the incredible physical attribute of these Micro-Humanoid. No one know what caused Microman to developed these unbelievable power. Ant usually able to hold many times its own weight, Bee is able to fly at high speed relative to its size could this be the by-products of Nano-technology of cell reduction? No one know for sure. Microman brain, of course, was 1/18 of the human but like the physical attribute, the intellectual attribute also got the boost and Microman have IQ that not only as good as human but in many way surpass human intellect. This was test and document by Dr. Burns.



Physiology of Microman

#5 Microman Chest Code

Each Microman had code that used to ID the Micro-Humanoid. All Microman get registered with M.I.C.R (Micro Intelligence Core Research) and kept in HQ master computer.  When Microman met each other for the first time they can learn about one another using the chest code which store data about that particular Microman. Some Microman do not has chest code however, instead the ID code get placed somewhere else on their body such as legs, shoulders, etc.


#6 Micro-Tech Skin

Artificial skin created for Micro-humanoids. Micro-Tech Skin are made from neural circuit fiber and Hyper Crystal Resin (HCR) . This second skin act like camouflage for their normal body that help with their senses and also protect the body. Each Micro-humanoid body has different colors and human can not quite control the color. Sometimes human see their body as "translucence" this mainly resulted from confuse reflection of their body with the circuit fiber. This what made them appear translucent to us.


 #7 Growth and Lifespan of Microman

Although Microman is a clone of human, they do not start life as a child. M.I.C.R. is able to control their age. The average lifespan is determined to be about 120 years. M.I.C.R usually determined the age using simple equation of 120-X where X is "M.I.C.R Initialization Age"


#8 Microman's Ages

M.I.C.R set Microman ages to be between 18 to 25 years old. The reason was simple because M.I.C.R. need Microman to be soldiers, so they want them to be at their developmental peak for the IQ, agility and talent.


#9 Microman's Daily Life

Microman daily life is very similar to human except they only require few hours of sleep. They usually need just 3 hours of sleep to operate for 3 days! Though for some Microman, sleeping is their favorite pass time.


#10 Microman's Weakness

Microman need special vaccine so they won't become infected by Acro-Virus. They are susceptible to physical damage and poison but the healing time is 5 to 8 times that of human.


#11 Microman's Food

Microman consume food in the form of energy bar, nutrition drink and high nutrition FILM style food. They use FILM style food during mission and combat. They can also consume human food. Human food can be found inside Microman Living Area and house of Public Volunteer M.I.C.R. 


#12 Microman Citizenship

Microman is a top secret and as such their existence is kept in secrecy from outside world. However, inside M.I.C.R facilities they enjoy the same privileges as human. It is hope that someday, they all could live together along with human in the outside world.


#13 Microman Strength

Microman have super strength but they also keep in top shape with rigorous training.



Microman Micro Force was the first group of Micro-humanoids created by Dr. Burns in an attempt to locate and capture Dr. Silver. Their combat tactic was that of a guerrilla warfare style. They, however, went MIA after an unknown explosion at Dr. Silver's hideout.


#15 MF1-01 Commander Microman

Group commander and mission planner.

Battle Technique : Medium range gun

Favorite Thing : Unknown

Blood Type : Missing Data

Equipment : Combat Knife, Rifle, Handgun & Body Armor


#16 MF1-02 Ninja Microman

Ninja Microman expert in stealth, use of blade and phlegmatic assassin

Battle Technique : Ninja style & grapple (form of Judo)

Favorite Thing : Unknown

Blood Type : Missing Data

Equipment : Giant Blade, Ninja Sword, Ninja Star (Shuriken) and Chain Mail


#17 MF1-03 Gunner Microman

Explosive expert, a bit of a trigger happy type

Battle Technique : Long Range Fire Support

Favorite Thing : Unknown

Blood Type : Missing Data

Equipment : Gatling Gun, Grenade and Armor


#18 MF1-04 Spy Microman

Special agent, expert at computer hacking, and espionage

Battle Technique : Martial Art Combat

Favorite Thing : Unknown

Blood Type : Missing Data

Equipment : Claws, Anchor, Big Spike, Armor and Manipulator Arms


#19 Micro-Humanoid Blood

Micro-Humanoids,  because of the n-Gene, the blood type system is a little more complicate than that of human. The blood type is still similar to human  A, B, and O system but with the n-Gene there was one additional 4th gene known as the "R Type" Because of this addition "R-Type" blood, M.I.C.R used n-ABOR chart to classify Microman blood type.