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RELEASE DATE : 9/29/05

RETAIL PRICE : 1,680 Yen









TAKARA release Microman Acroyear EXO series in Fall of 2005. The EXO series is the first all Acroyear series for the 2005 line-up. The EXO series, like Microman Road Force, consists of three male body and one female. The three Acroyears are AX-31 AcroOptom, AX-32 AcroGrabz and AX-33 AcroEmperor with the lone Acrolady, AL-31 AcroStera.




Acroyear EXO figures, unfortunately are basically the last year Microman Military Force body with new head sculpts and add-on new accessories parts. While there is nothing wrong with re-using the mold, it just seem strange to be done on the "all new" Acroyear series given that these guys, especially the Emperor, are suppose to be the ultimate of Acroyear for 2005 story line. Perhaps may be the upcoming story might explain why the supreme ruler of Acroyear would have the same body as the peons (Military Force), but as is, it just seem a little strange. TAKARA could have mix and match some of the parts or may be even remolding extra piece to make the EXO series a little more unique. The lone female AcroStera does have all new body mold (essentially a female version of Military Force body) which makes her really stand out from the rest of the EXO figures. TAKARA at least give these guys some nice paint job and interesting color schemes, but sadly like many of the recent Microman, the EXO suffer the same major defect most notably the leg joint which crack at the hip and some a very loose arm joints. It is unclear what cause these defects, especially on Military Force body since they are some of the more durable body. Some fans speculate that the paint could be reacting with the plastic on these figures (Military Force have no paint on them) or it could be the breakdown of the tooling with the excessive re-using of the molds, but whatever the reason this really do not bode well for the already tattered reputation of the series.




Acroyear EXO series design is clearly that of the recent Microman Magne Series (1999-2000) with a good bits of the old reference thrown in (design by the same designer that work on the 1999 line). The designers, having to work with the Military Force molds, put most of the emphasis, naturally, in the armor add-on accessories. The theme for this series is taken from the old vintage 1970's President Acroyear and his infamous Acroyear Navy Force. The designer even use the familiar metal rollers from the old series along with the three sea creatures - stingray, octopus and crab. The figures have great head sculpts (one of the 1999-2000 series hallmark) with interesting and highly detail designs. The accessories are nice with a lot of interchangeabilities but the heavy use of the clear plastics just evoke too much memory of the Magne Series (especially the Micro-Kit Machines) rather than the vintage Microman line that the theme is based on.




AcroOptom, like the other EXO member, is based on one of the Acroyear Navy Force, the Kani-royear. AcroOptom has two part, a humanoid figure and mechanical octopus. The humanoid figure is essentially red-brown Military Force with white paint and clear purple joints and hands. His head has squid feature and the top of the head can be remove like helmet which reveal Henshin Cyborg-like inner head. The mechanical octopus is mostly clear blue with gold and silver plated parts. While the other three EXO bodies seem to match that of their mechanical counterpart, Optom body color unlike Stera and Grabz, has contrasting color. This is ok looking until you form the AcroWyvern and the clear blue really seem to be out of place with the rest of the EXO Wyvern body. The theme of EXO is from the original series, the robots and the head designs definitely have more of the Magne Power line looks than that of the vintage series. (Not surprising since EXO series is design by ex-Microman Magne Power designer). AcroOptom has several modes, and the octopus has several ports and pegs that allow for some really interesting arrangement. In EXOFUSE mode, the humanoid combine with the mechanical creature and created alternate forms for AcroOptom. The first EXOFUSE mode, the octopus split in half with one side becomes shoulder arrow cannon for the humanoid body while the other side form a shield. The second EXOFUSE mode, the octopus form shoulder armors for the humanoid body. The fit overall is much better than that of the Bio-Machine figures but unfortunately the loose joints somewhat detracted from otherwise very good fit of the armors in the EXO series. (Editor : also the broken pelvic doesn't help) In EXOFUSE mode, the armors really make the figure top heavy but it can be pose pretty well to my surprise without the stand (but much easier to do and with more dynamic looking pose with the use of the included figure stand).




I have to admit I never was a big fan of the EXO series since TAKARA began showing them on promotional materials. The clear plastic, the heavy Microman Magne Power-like designs and the reuse of Military Force just do not seem all that exciting especially after the excellent Magne Force series earlier in the year. However to my surprise, the EXO really has a lot to offer and the big saving grace for EXO series is their EXOFUSE armors set. While the reference to the old President Acroyear series is great, what really wonderful about these armors is their interchangeabilities. The armors set have so many ports and pegs that can be configure in various way just like the old Microman toys. I was not too thrill with the clear plastics but  I can see the designer's intention on these Neo Acro Navy robots. The clear plastics give these robots the illusion of mechanical creature encase inside clear outer "exoskeleton" shells. It is really unfortunate that this series suffer yet another defective plastic which will most likely drove many collectors away from discovering the wonderful interchangeability and nice play-set that the EXO has to offer.



He was created by Emperor. He gains pleasure from pain of slaughtering others and from battle.

Optom's interchangeable hands.

The figure came with roller foot with die-cast wheels.

Official Microman Stand

Microman Infomercial Vol.07 Catalog and story booklet.


EXO STORY (as translated by Tomoyoshi Araki, edited by Paul L>)



Many years passed since we came to this beautiful planet with Emperor.


I know...I know this planet desire destruction and be under our domination...the planet has only lower grade of living things...how easy for invasion...Optom, Stera and other members should have finish the task easily until we met the Unknown living Thing.....why? why do they have amazing power just when we about to start the invasion. I had face these being...they have high intelligence that is not possible consider such low life form that inhibit this planet. The low life being call these being their "Gods". What strange and mysterious is that they have similar body to us.


At last, we lost battle to the Unknown Living Thing, and your Majesty fell down before their powers, but they did not steal the Majesty's soul. He only went into a long sleep. And now the time has come, the seal is broken and your Majesty will soon wake up.


I can feel that this planet no longer has the power of unknown living thing to protect it. We now have our best chance. Why these low life forms have not yet evolve they still like a child. Why did they not evolve, they have so much times to advance. This planet has degenerate and these living being are just parasite that need to be exterminate.


Come and join us fellow supporter and wipe these parasites off the planet so we can make utopia for Your Majesty!