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RETAIL PRICE : 1,500 Yen




KM-03 Billy as Godzilla (Monochrome First Version)


KM-04 Ricky as Gamera (Showa Version)


KM-05 Vain as Gamera (Heisei Version)


KM-06 Allen as Gamera (2006 Version)




KM-01 Ken as Godzilla (1st Version)


KM-02 Billy as Godzilla (Final War Version)


Kiguru-MicromAN sERIES 2005

KM-SP01 Harold as Godzilla (Greatest War) VS Victor as King Ghidrah


KM-SP02 Walter as Jet Jaguar VS Kim as Megalon





Kiguru-Microman series makes a surprise return in 2006 Microman line. The first series of Kiguru-Microman was debuted in 2004 for the 50th Anniversary of Godzilla but the line did not do well with collectors. Kiguru Microman has very unique concept of using Microman Full Action Body as micro-size "actor" for the rubber suit monster just like in real life. While the series idea is very interesting (using Microman as core body for rubber suit), the execution is far from perfect. The first series, the Godzilla suits are so small and it is almost impossible to get the figure inside. The figures became an exercise in frustration.  Later releases has bigger suits but the figures are more or less a gimmick than an actual usable core body that can fully articulate the rubber monster.



Each Kiguru Microman comes with real Microman figure and not just Material Force. Each figure has unique color scheme and head design. The figure come in plain body and has to be decorate using provided stickers. The first series the stickers are very difficult to apply and Takara seem to make some improvement for the 2006 series. The stickers for Ricky and Vain are much easier to apply and go on very easy, still a small tweezers and may be magnifying glass are probably helpful. Ricky and Vain is much more colorful than the first Kiguru Microman. The bodies are now all clear (instead of having opaque chest). Ricky is clear blue with red joints (a nice contrast) with yellow body stripes and silver Gamera-like shell logo for his chest symbol. Vain is clear red (almost pinkish) with pale red joints. Vain comes with metallic pink stripes and orange chest symbol. The two new Kiguru-Microman are quite colorful figures when they are fully decorated with stickers.



GAMERA The 40th Anniversary!

2006 mark the "official" 40th anniversary of Gamera. Gamera is a live-action monster along the same concept as Godzilla. He is a giant size radioactive turtle and a creation of Studio Daiei. The first Gamera appear in 1965 during what is now known as the "Showa" period of live-action monster movies. Gamera arrived a full ten years after the debut of Godzilla. Like Godzilla, Gamera was revived in 1990's during the giant monster cinema revival period (known as the Heisei era).  The new Gamera has more modern look and bulkier than the original. For 2006, Daiei (follow Godzilla) introduce a new Gamera movie for the Millennium age and to celebrate the 40th years of the fire-breathing, flying hard shell monster.



Takara improve on much of the original Kiguru design and the new Kiguru Gamera figures are far superior to the first series and the special two-pack series. Unlike the first Kiguru Godzilla, the Gamera use larger scale suits which make it a lot easier to insert Microman figure. But unlike the larger size Kiguru Godzilla and Ghidrah from the two-packs, the suits are much better engineer and the figures fit in nicely with the seams well hidden and the hands and feet joints are well connected. The molding and paint job are also very nicely done on both Gamera suits. If you are fans for giant monsters then the Gamera set will make excellent and unique addition to Gamera. For Microman collectors, the two new Kiguru-Microman have very nice unique color scheme with cool head sculpts. Without the stickers, the figures are essentially clear Material Force body and with them the figure actually do look very nice (and the stickers are much easier to apply this time around).



Ricky is part of Microman Kiguru team. He is the seventh Kiguru Microman figure. Ricky is a costume actor for Gamera (Showa Version). Unlike other Kiguru Microman, Ricky and Vain has greenish tint chromed head. Below is his alter ego, Showa era's Gamera.

Ricky comes include standard interchangeable hands in matching color.

Like previous Kiguru Microman, Ricky comes with set of sticker to decorate his plain Microman Full Action Body. The stickers are use instead of normal paint application probably due to the paint having potential to react with the rubber suit.

Microman Ricky comes with standard Microman figure stand.