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1975 Victory Series

1976 MAT Series

1975-76 Microman Series
Acroyear - A301 Red Star, A302 Silver Star, & A303 Blue Star (c.1975)

A30X (M30X) Type


A30X come package in small window box.  There were three different variation packages.  The other two earlier versions did not have Acroyear logo, instead one had just black oval and the other one had oval window to show the accessories.  

The early box (zone & victory project) the Acroyear were designated as M-30X. These early versions do not have the later MAT logo roundel.


Each A30X came with Acro-Bazooka, roller wheels, two roller arms and two missiles to convert the figure into "bazooka mode"

A30X also came with chrome wing call Acro-Wing that fit into 5mm port in their backs.

Takara introduced the first "enemy" of Microman during the second year of Microman line.  The first Acroyear was giving A30X designation and had three members in the series.  In the early prototype version shown in the early 1974 Microman-Zone "catarog", Takara plan to give Acroyear four members just like Microman.  Takara later drop the fourth member (Green Star, who ironically was the one that was shown in early catalog)  Early version of Acroyear were designated as M-30X and they were sold as part of Microman Zone and Victory Project series. When Takara began the MAT (Microman-Acroyear-Titan) campaign in late 1975 they changed the way Acroyear get designated and gave Acroyear letter "A" prefix to distinguish them from Microman "M" designation.

In the early catalog, Acroyears were unfortunate Microman whose capsules landed under the seabed.  Due to the lack of cosmic energy and sunlight, these unlucky Microman slowly mutated with the influence of pollution and PCB into evil grotesque beings.   Actually the word "Acro", a roman-ji version of "Akuro", means evil in Japanese.  This concept that man was not born evil but rather influenced by the evil of his surrounding was quite interesting concept for a toy line from early 1970's.  In later Microman manga and catalog, however, Acroyears were portrayed as evil Microman that responsible for the destruction of Micro-Earth.  These evil Microman arrived on Earth and benefited from Earth's pollution which greatly enhance their powers and at the same time turn them even more mad and evil.

Acroyear figure was very difference than Microman figure.   The body of A30X was made of die-cast and each limbs were connected via 5mm connectors.  A30X Acroyear had a very simple head design full of straight lines.   The hands consisted of two ball-like fists and they had bug-like feet.   The body style of first Acroyear would became hallmark for the bad guys in the Original Microman line.

A302 Silver Star (vintage - Takara)

Takara released three color variants for A30X type - A301 red, A302 bare metal, and A303 metallic blue.   Green color was planned but never released when Takara reduced the member to three from four.  Acroyear A30X would later became Acroyear II in Mego Micronauts.  Early Micronauts Acroyear II were repackage of Takara Microman toys.  Mego would later produced Acroyear II from the molds copy from Takara.  These figures had the Mego copyright 1977 on their back.

Acroyear A30X story

Microman whose crystal capsule landed in polluted water body of Earth.  Mind became evil and twisted.

A301 Red Star - revived in the polluted Tokyo Bay.  Scantly remember his former self as Microman natural scientist.   Can manipulate natural phenomenon such as earthquake, tidal wave and storm.

A302 Silver Star - revived in River Thames near London.  Formerly a Microman who done research in micro-organism.   Now he used his knowledge to create biological weapons.

A303 Blue Star - revived in Naples of Italy.  Have no knowledge of former self as Microman.  Cruel and without mercy.



A301 Red Star (vintage - Mego)

Red Star appeared in early 1974 Microman catalog along with the unproduce Green Star.  The prototype of Red Star and Green Star were done in metallic color like Blue Star.  These prototype figures also had triangle badge sticker on the chest (the badges can still be found printed on the box flaps).

A303 Blue Star (vintage)

Acroyear came with 5mm port in their backs just like Microman.

Microman version of Acroyear had "Japan" stamp on the back above the 5mm port.

Mego Micronauts Acroyear 2

Mego version of Acroyear had the words "Copyright Mego Pat. Pend." and "Made in Hong Kong" on the back. 

Acroyear A38X

In 1979, Takara released A30X Acroyear with new colors and fitted them with vinyl cape.  This second version became known as A38X type.

(See also 1979 Rescue Series - A38X Acroyear )

Replica Series Acroyear

In 1999, Takara released reproduction Acroyear A30X for Microman Replica Series.  Along with A301, A302 & A303, Takara also released A304 Green Star - a green color Acroyear that appeared in 1974 catalog but never was released.

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