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1978 Police Keeper

1978 Microman Police Keeper Series

Cosmo Satan Arden A35X - A352 Rager (c.1978)



Arden's chest cannon.  Each figure came with two chrome missiles and chest missile launcher that can be plug into the chest.  

In 1978, Takara introduced new villain call Cosmo Satan Arden for Microman Police Keeper line.  Arden, thought technically not an Acroyear (see Arden story below), followed the designation of Acroyear Series and was designated as A35X type.  

Arden body was constructed the same way as the first Acroyear A30X series.  The main body was die-cast and the limbs were connected together via 5mm system.  Arden had 5mm port in both the chest and back.  Arden however was taller than Acroyear and came with vinyl cape.

Takara re-issued Arden in June of 2000 along with six new members A354-A359.  Takara also released A350, the supreme leader of Arden Corp, in December of 2000.

(See also 2000 Replica Series Cosmo Satan Arden A35X

Satan Arden A352 Rager 

Arden Story

70,0000 Light-year from Earth, there was a bright shining beautiful Arden Star.  The Third planet in Arden Star System is a highly civilized world with advance in science and nature exist in perfect harmony call Arden. 

Then suddenly one fateful day, axis of planet Arden went out of control when a massive Alpha-H7 energy wave move though the system.   The massive energy shockwave caused severe gravitational pull on the planet and cause the equilibrium to shift severely.

The once beautiful planet Arden, is now severely out of normal alignment and the planet is now cover in darkness because the light from Arden Star no longer reach the surface.  The planet soon cover in thick atmospheric gas and the civilization of Arden is now living in darkness.

To make the matter worst, Arden scientists soon discover the Arden Star itself was affected by this catastrophe and the star is going cold.  The leader of Arden realized that Arden Star could go supernova in a matter of three years. The military faction call Arden Corp, who had taken over the planet, set out on a starship to find a new home.  They soon discovered Earth and decided to make an invasion to take over the planet by sending an invading ship along with three Arden soldiers - Heller, Rager, and Vulger.   The three Ardens start the aggression plan by using the Acroyears as a mean to take over Earth.

A352 Rager (vintage)

Arden's design was base on the original Acroyear design. They even came in the same color assortments as the first series Acroyear A30X.

Back view of A352.  Vintage Arden's cape was made from glossy vinyl.

Arden Checklist

A351 Heller Red
A352 Rager Silver
A353 Vulger Blue