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1979 Rescue

1979 Rescue Microman Series

Acroyear Series - Amazon Acroyear A37X - A371 Blue Amazon Commander & Mushikeller , A372 Red Amazon Commander & Tokageras and A373 Green Amazon Commander & Urokoman (c.1979)


Amazon Acroyears came package in window packaging similar to the Servo-Man.  The box was done in light green color for the Acroyears instead of the typical light blue Rescue design. The box feature an artwork of Amazon Acroyear (red) and the three Amazon Monsters done by Mr. Moritou (Microman manga artist). 

Back View

Amazon Acroyear used the basic body mold of President Acroyear but with new chest piece design.  President Acroyear and Amazon were the only Acroyear designs that did not have die-cast body part.



Amazon Acroyer came with several accessories including matching clear weapon Mad Spear, matching clear figure stand and wing pack.  The wing pack connected to the figure using small 5mm plug which able the wing to spin like propeller.  The wing can be attach to either the front or the back of the figure.  The plug also came in matching color with the figure body color. 

Red Commander with Cutter Wing used as shield.

Right - Amazon Acroyears with their staff weapons - the Mad Spears.  The spears were mold in matching clear plastic colors as their heads.

Amazon Acroyears were released in 1979 as part of the Rescue Microman series.  Amazon were probably the most unusual of all Acroyears.   The body itself actually came from a retooled President Acroyear A32X mold but Takara included all new accessories along with sidekick vinyl figures called the Amazon Monsters.

One of the most obvious changed of the Amazon were their heads.  Each figure had clear color plastic head instead of the typical Microman chrome style head.  The head was also unlike any of the previous Acroyear nor Arden heads.  Beside the clear head, each figure also came with matching clear figure stand and clear spear weapon called Mad Spear.  The figures also came with flower-like wing call Cutter Wing.  The wing featured colorful sticker patterns and it can be spin like a propeller, which created psychedelic pattern especially when one look through their clear heads.   While Amazon body was pretty much the same as President, the chest had been re-designed with new chrome plate chest piece with 5mm port (much like Arden.)  The Cutter Wing can be plug into the chest and act as a shield for Amazon Acroyear. There was a reason why Amazon Acroyears had President Acroyear bodies.   According to the Rescue Microman catalog, President Acroyears were re-built by the Ardens into Amazon Acroyears.

Amazon Acroyears' colorful Cutter Wings

Along with new accessories, each Amazon Acroyear came with a monster sidekick.  The sidekick Amazon Monsters were simple vinyl doll type figures.  The vinyl doll style gave these figure appearance of organic-like monster creature similar to monsters on live TV show like Masked Rider or Power Ranger.  A371 Blue Amazon came with blue fly-like creature named Mushikeller.  A372 Red Amazon came with orange piranha-like creature named Tokageras.  A373 Green Amazon came with green lagoon monster-like creature named Urokoman.

Because of their unusual looks, and great accessories, Amazon Acroyears had became one of the more sought after Acroyears figures from the Rescue Series.  This, coupled with the fact that these figures came out at the end of original Microman line, made them one of the harder to locate vintage Microman toys.

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Amazon Acroyear Story

In an attempt to build "Acrotopia", the Acroyears and Ardens destroyed and depleted earth natural resources by using the newly created Amazon Monsters.  Ardens reconstructed President Acroyears into Amazon Commander for leading the new army of Amazon Monsters.

Microman Police Keeper discovered that Amazon Acroyears and their Amazon Monsters were responsible for the destruction of earth resources.  Microman began to accelerate the construction of their Mt. Fuji Rescue Secret Base and created the new Rescue Crew Microman.  Microman Rescue Crew, escorted by Microman Police Keeper were assigned to various earth geographically setting in an attempt to stop Amazon Acroyears and their minions from plundering earth resources and to stop their plan of building the Acrotopia.

Amazon Acroyear's Cross-section

  • 1 Crystal Head
  • 2 Cutter Wing
  • 3 Mad Spear
  • 4 Death-Mad (Power Source)
  • 5 Amazon Geyser (Chest Weapon)
  • 6 Punch Device
  • 7 Nerve Device

A371 Blue Amazon Command & Amazon Monster Mushikeller

A372 Red Amazon Commander & Amazon Monster Tokageras.

A373 Green Amazon Commander & Amazon Monster Urokoman