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22 Autobot


Transformers Alternators


"You can't catch what you can't see"



RELEASE DATE : Summer 2006

RETAIL PRICE : $19.99-22.99



Mirage has Michigan (USA) license plate that read "MIRAGE".



Mirage Origin


G1 Mirage is one of Autobot cars that was taken from Diaclone Car Robots line. The original toy is Diaclone Ligier-JS11.


Mirage is part of the 12 Autobot cars released during the first year of Transformers back in 1984.


Japanese TF version of Mirage is known as Ligier, which is basically shorten form of original Diaclone name.


Binaltech / Variants


There is no Binaltech version of Alternators Mirage. Takara however did release a red Ford GT as Hot Rodimus as part of Kiss Players (a pseudo-replacement line for Binaltech series without die-cast metal and come with pvc figurine).  


There is no plan for Alternators version of Hot Rodimus at this time.





Hasbro released Transformers Alternators #22 Mirage in summer of 2006.  The toy is first released in the third packaging design for Alternators series often refer to as "fish bowl" style. This packaging combines the elements from Takara Binaltech such as the platform base and round window end with the "open feel" of the previous Alternators.  Transformers Alternators start off as plastic version of Takara Binaltech line. The Binaltech was an updated series for G1 (Generation 1) Transformers from early 1980's using modern day vehicle and done in 1/24 scale.  Due to high cost, and declining popularity, Takara Binaltech line was canceled in 2005, but Alternators line continue on with Hasbro doing their own characters instead of just releasing plastic version of Binaltech.  The Alternators line also suffer from declining popularity and the later assortments are often release in very limited numbers. (Most likely from the stores cut back in order). Unlike Binaltech toys which come with elaborate packaging and insert materials that include full background story booklet, Alternators releases are just bare bone offerings (toy and single sheet instruction). However this big cost reduction is pass on to consumer and the price of Alternators is over half of the cost of the Binaltech.




In vehicle mode, Mirage is a dark blue Ford GT with white racing stripes. The vehicle looks great overall and a decent 1/24 scale of Ford GT. The paint job is decent but the plastic part feel a bit cheap and since there is no longer Binaltech line this is pretty much the only choice. There are some fit problem especially along the front section and the driver side door. The choice of using Ford GT for Mirage is perfect since G1 Mirage alternate mode is Ford engine Ligier-JS11 Formula 1 racer.




In robot mode, Mirage looks pretty sleek and one of the better robot mode from Alternators line. While he does not look like his G1 version, the designer add in a lot of G1 design element to Alternators Mirage such as the front chest inverted-T shape of Formula 1 racer and the use of his white and blue for his limbs that match the original G1 version.  for The head has nice feature with many of the deign elements from G1 version of Mirage.