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1978 Police Keeper Mecha Series
Arden Robo (c.1978)


Arden Robo Package

Back View

Here is back view of Arden Robo.  The figure can be place inside Arden Robo by removing the panel in the back.


Arden Robo was the only piloted mecha released by Takara for enemy of Microman. Arden Robo stands about 10" tall and probably one of the biggest toy made for Acroyears and Ardens.  Arden Robo was build by Cosmo Satan Arden to fight against Robotman and Robot Machine Z.   Arden can be seated inside Arden Robo.  Arden is visible through a clear emerald green cockpit windshield.

Arden Robo

Arden Robo was design in the same manner as Robot Machine Z with legs and arms connected to the body via 10mm connector.  Arden Robo also came with Arden Jet counterpart which can be used as a stand alone toy or combine with Arden Robo to turn him into a jet.   Arden Robo has spring-load firing fists.  His head is chrome with clear green horns befitting a personal mount of Cosmo Satan.

(See also - Robot Machine Z, Mecha Acroyear, and Giant Acroyear)

Arden Jet


Arden Robo combines with Arden Jet