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1978 Police Keeper Series

Microman Base - Play Build Series #3 Build Bazooka with M233 Alex (c.1978)



Microman Series



Microman Zone
First year included the Founder Microman, Micro Kit Machines and the Conning Tower.



Project Victory
Second year saw more Microman and several new sub series such as the Acroyears, Titans and Victory series.



Spy Magician

The line finally came into its own during the third year with new figures and the classic Microman Transfer Fortress.



A watershed year for Microman series, this year saw some of the best toys for the line. 



Police Keeper

Takara tried new design and direction for the series with the released of Hoodman and Arden. 



Rescue Team
Takara "rescue" attempt for the line with the Rescue Team Microman.  This year also saw updated of the old favorite like the New Tower Base.



Punch & Blizzard Man
The last year of the original series saw the shift in the line to more robot like look and larger figures.


New Microman Series



New Microman
Takara reset the line and re-launch the series under New Microman banner.



Micro Robot
Micro Robot series became the main focus of the new line.  Takara also tried to cash in on the "pla-mo" popularity with Real Type and Micro Borg.



Micro Change
The "transformation" for Microman series began with the Micro Change series.




Takara continued with the successful Micro Change series but the changing of the guard was inevitable.


Microman Police-Keeper series Play Build toys were packaged in white border box. The box-art used the actual toy photograph over painting of Earth from outer space. This packaging design was common with most of the 1978 Police Keeper series releases. Play Build set box also have a small die-cut window to show the included Microman figure. 

Build Bazooka, like most Microman toys from 1978 on up, was packaged in custom fitted styrofoam bottom.

Instruction & Sticker Sheet

Build Bazooka came with instruction sheet which unfolded into full-colors catalog and picture story on the reverse side. The toy came with full color sticker sheet.




Microman M233 Alex

Each Play Build toy included Microman Police Keeper figure. There would eventually be a total of six members in the M23X Type but only the first three were sold with the Play Build (this was probably because the remaining three Play Build set were canceled). The figures were also sold individually in white plastic case (similar to the Hoodman case).

Weapon Included


Microman Police Keeper figure design is a big departure from the last year Microman Command series. The figure is very streamline looking and lack the elaborate "chest piece" of the Command series. One of the trademark feature of the Police Keeper is the Pulsar Shot weapon, a gun and backpack accessory. This was the first time a gun weapon is included with Microman figure.



Microman Play Build Series


Build Base

B-01 Build Lancer

B-02 Build Crane

B-03 Build Bazooka


Microman Police Keeper Checklist



 Arnold w/ Build Lancer 7/1978
M232 Arthur w/ Build Crane 7/1978
M233 Alex w/ Build Bazooka 7/1978


Arnold red/white 10/1978
M232 Arthur blue/white 10/1978
M233 Alex  clear green/yellow 10/1978
M234 Anthony black/yellow 10/1978
M235 Aaron clear orange/white 10/1978
M236 Alan white/blue 10/1978
M008 Kamui w/ Micro Gander3 4/1981
M008 Kamui *New Microman 5/1981


Takara released Microman Police Keeper Play Build Series in July of 1978. The Play Build was actually the debut series for the Police Keeper line. Microman Play Build consisted of large Microman base called the "Build Base" and three Play Build accessories - #1 Build Lancer, #2 Build Crane and #3 Build Bazooka. Takara also planned three additional Play Build accessory sets but those were never released (see bottom). Each Play Build accessory set retailed for 750 Yen and included one M23X Type Microman Police Keeper figure. The Build Base was sold for a whopping 4800 Yen, which was a substantial sum for toy back then. Individual Microman Police Keeper was selling for 480 Yen each, so the Build play-set is actually a good deal. 


The Play Build was designed as part of Microman Base series using the "building construction" set concept. The series was Microman equivalent of Micronauts "City" Series released by Mego at around the same time. (They most likely shared the same R&D).  Microman Build Series however did not have the flexibility or the large assortment of parts for building as their Micronauts counterpart. The Play Build accessory set was more of an add-on module for the Build Base set that could also be used as stand alone set.

Microman Police Keeper Build Bazooka in Action!



Microman Police Keeper Play Build #3 Build Bazooka is probably the most interesting of the three Play Build accessory. Build Bazooka is a giant cannon that shoot Microman into action. A Microman figure is loaded into the bazooka barrel and by pulling the piston at the end a spring mechanism is loaded. When Microman is ready for launch, pushing down on the red fin send the piston forward and propel Microman into the air. (If you wonder why many Microman figures did not survive childhood then just take one look at this toy). Build Bazooka is mounted on top the same hexagon shape construction panel found on Build Base and included a red connector tab so Build Bazooka can be mounted onto Build Base. The set included with Microman Police Keeper M233 Alex. The clear green plastic used for the figure for some reason seem to be more brittle and if you are going to test launch Microman from the bazooka probably better pick another figure or better yet a reissue one instead of using the clear green one that came with the set. The figure came a weapon accessory "Pulsar Shot", a gun with hose that attached to the backpack unit. The Play Build set was actually the debut series for Microman Police Keeper figures. (Only Hoodman and Arden were on sale during the fist half of 1978). Microman Play Build series (actually most of 1978 Police Keeper line) were not all that popular and many dead stocks (unsold toys in un-open mint packaging) of these toys show up often in the collectible market. Since the remaining three Police Keeper figures (M234, M235 & M236) were never released as part of play-sets, they are much more difficult to come by. Also Microman Police Keeper M23X Type was one of the few vintage Microman series that did not get reissue under Microman Replica series in 1999-2003.



Note : I didn't quite finish putting all the stickers on the Build Bazooka so it does look a little plain in these pictures.


The Un-build Play-Sets

Three other Play Build set were shown in dealer catalog but were never released by Takara. They were most likely cancel due to the lack of orders and the declining Microman popularity.

The three remaining play Build are Build Hoist (a gyro wheel), Build Droid ( a construction droid) and Build Laser (a laser battery). The pictures below came from Takara dealer catalog and depicted what appeared to be prototype of the three unreleased Play Build sets.

Build Hoist


Build Droid


Build Laser



Police Keeper Story

In the year 19XX, Microman discovered a mysterious comet orbiting near Jupiter.  Microman detected alpha-H7 radiation emitted from the comet which they had now call "Micro-Comet"    They send out a team to investigate and met new companions who declared themselves to be Microman Police Keeper.   Police Keeper said they travel to Earth via "Micro-comet" to help Earth at its critical junction due to the arrival of Satan Arden.

Each Microman Police Keeper came with Pulsar Short weapon and Energy backpack.  Each Police Keeper also had ability to generate Police Keeper Barrier - a special force field energy emitted from their belt.  Police Keeper Microman would constructed Police Keeper Micro Knight androids to fight against Cosmo Satan Arden using material from Micro-Comet.  Microman Police Keeper also build a super defense system call Build Base.   When Rescue Secret Base was finished Police Keeper became part of CRIM section and task with escorting the Rescue Microman.