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Takara Choro Q Robo Series 

CB-Mazinger Z (c.2000) 

CB-Mazinger Z Plus Choro Q Robo (c.2001)



Takara released CB-Mazinger Z in late 2000.  CB-Mazinger Z were sold in small box without any reference to them as being Choro Q Robo toys.  The set were probably some type of limited editions or test market versions. There were three variations of CB-Mazingers - TV Mode, Original Mode and Black Mode.

In 2001, Takara released second "Plus" versions of these same toys.  This time the toys were re-packaged in the box similar to Choro Q Robo Tetsujin-28 that were released earlier.  The toys appeared to be the same with some minor color changes.  The most noticeable was the Original Mode Mazinger Z, the blue color was much darker than the first series.  Takara also added a "+" symbol and word "Plus" to CB-Mazinger Z logo.

Original Mode

TV Mode

Black Mode

Original Mode (Plus Version)

Plus version had darker blue color and the red parts were more orange in tone than the first versions.

Choro Q Robo CB-Mazinger had a similar transformation as Choro Q Robo Votoms.