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Takara Choro Q Robo Series 

Come Back Choro Q Robo Spirit!! Set (c.1999)


Choro Q (also known as Penny Racer in the US) was a series of deform cars with pull-back motor introduced by Takara in 1980.  Takara later added other Choro Q spin-off line such as this Choro Q Robo.  Choro Q Robo was deform robot that can transformed into Choro Q car.

In 1999, Takara reissued Choro Q Robo toys from 1980's in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of Choro Q line.  The set, called "Come Back Choro Q Robo Spirit", was most likely introduced to jump start a new Choro Q Robo series. The set consisted of the reissue Choro Q Robo Votoms, Dougram, Gorg and Galient.

I am not sure if there were any other Choro Q Robo that Takara reissued since this was the only set I ever ran across.  This set came from my friend Rik Ruff who was station in Japan at the time.

Top to Bottom - Votoms, Dougram, Gorg and Galient.