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 1980 Blizzard Robotman Series 
Robotman God Fighter (c.1980)


God Fighter Robotman comes package in similar style box as the previous Robotman toys.  God Fighter did not included any Microman figure only a card board cut-out of M275 Richard to simulate having Microman inside the cockpit.

Sticker Sheet & Instruction

Back View

Back view of God Fighter.  Note the two deep purple missile launchers on each side of the back from Robotman 2.

The toy still features the same caterpillar tracks and is fully motorized. 

God Fighter Robotman is the third and final reincarnation of Robotman in the original Microman series.  The word "god" is not being used to mean that this Robotman is some type of a divine being but rather Japanese used the word "god" to imply "supreme" or "ultimate" state, thus God Fighter Robotman is essentially mean he is the Ultimate Robotman.

Robotman God Fighter

Robotman God Fighter is basically a further modification of Robotman 2 which is in turn an upgrade version of the 14" Robotman toy.  God Fighter comes with extra staff weapon, new fists, and extra side armor not found on Robotman 2.  The color scheme also change slightly from Robotman 2, the feet and back is now mold in black color and the chest armor is now yellow.  The figure however is essentially the same as the original Robotman (Micronauts - Biotron) with newly sculpt head that resemble the Punch Robo head.

Robotman God Fighter was rebuilt by Rescue Microman as an answer to Interstellar Death King.  

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