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New Microman Series

M011 Microman Salam (c.1983)


Micro Change

The 11th Microman

Takara released only a single Microman figure in 1983 as part of the new Microman Micro Change series.  This last Microman is the 11th member of the New Microman and was given designation M-011 Saram (or Salam). Saram is a reissued of Microman Command M16X.  Like the other two Command figures, the glow in the dark piece was replaced with regular plastic and for Salam Takara also removed the Pharaoh head design of the original M16X and the chest piece is now just a smooth plastic. What set Salam slightly apart from the early ten New Microman is that the individual versions of these figures come in Microm2000 capsule instead of the New Microman capsule from 1981 series.


The Dimensions Traveler

Since Salam was the "late arrival" in the New Microman series, Takara gave him separate story since the original ten were supposed to be the sole survivors of Micro Earth catastrophic destruction.  Takara decided to have MC011 Salam escaped from Micro Earth before the explosion using the Microm2000 - a dimensional travel machine he constructed (see below for more story background from the Secret File). Takara released four versions of M011 Salam for the capsule version and two as exclusives pack-in for MC08 and MC09 Micro Change Cassette Machines.


Microm2000 Capsule

Four variations of Microman M-011 Salam were sold as individual capsule version.  A red and black Saram comes in gray Microm2000, a blue and black Saram comes in red Microm2000, a royal blue and white Salam sold in dark blue Microm2000, and a black and orange Salam in blue Microm2000.  Some exported versions of Armored Machine were sold with the blue and black M011 but without the "MC" sticker badge.


Micro Change Machine Versions

Beside these four individual sale figures, two M011 Salam were released as exclusive pack in figures for Micro Change Cassette Machines. A red and white Salam was sold with MC08 Battle Bike and a stunning black and white version was sold with MC09 Jet Heli. M011 Salam followed much of the same color schemes as the other two Command figures in the New Microman series. Beside the unusual black and orange scheme M-011 shared the same color combinations as New Microman M-004 Eiji and M-005 Oruga.  With six separate variants, M011 Saram had the most numerous variations of all the New Microman figures. (See also Micro Change - MC08 & MC09)



Using a “subspace generator”, ten MICROMAN survivors materialized on Earth after the loss of their homeworld known as MICROEARTH. This was quickly followed by the ACROYEAR invasion of our planet.

Thus began the conflict on Earth between MICROMAN and ACROYEAR.

Not long after these events, “SALAM” became the eleventh MICROMAN to reach our world, bringing with him the “MICROM 2000” supercomputer, having rescued it during a harrowing last-minute escape from the final stages of MICROEARTH’s destruction.

SALAM was an expert technician, and soon used the MICROM 2000 module to create an ever-expanding new series of MICROCHANGE mecha in order to try putting a stop to the ACROYEAR invasion.

First, the MICROSS, CONDOR and JAGUAR MICROCASSETTEs were built and put in charge of terrestrial reconnaissance. Next CASSETTEMAN was constructed as an energy resupply base for the MICROCASSETTE corps, while the CASSETTE-MACHINE JET HELI and BATTLE BIKE were utilized by MICROMAN to engage the ACROYEAR threat.

Meanwhile, the ACROYEARS welcomed the Admiral ACRODEVIL as the new supervisor of their Earth operations, and were strengthening their military forces. The focus of their attacks would be upon MICROMAN and their friends, the Earthling children.

Therefore SALAM crafted the GUN ROBO in the shapes of model guns and entrusted the children with them. The GUN ROBO BROWNING, 44 MAGNUM and WALTHER could CHANGE into heavily armored robots in an instant and stand up to the ACROYEAR attacks.

The ACROYEARS thus began to extend their various subversive plots not only toward MICROMAN, but towards humanity as well. As such, being prepared for random ACROYEAR attacks popping in and out of subspace proved exceedingly difficult.
Therefore, MICROMAN created CAMERA ROBO and WATCH ROBO with the ability to detect the ACROYEARs in defense of the Earth. As a direct result, the extra-dimensional ACROYEAR fortress was discovered at last and it finally became possible for MICROMAN to directly approach the enemy’s headquarters.
In the meantime the ACROYEARS viciously counterattacked, but their tactics were repeatedly foiled by the mysterious METEOR ROBO.

The Admiral ACRODEVIL became so infuriated, he became intent on nothing less than the complete annihilation of the Earth. MICROMAN continued to produce more and more MICROCHANGE mecha and gave all their effort toward building their defenses.

KEY ROBO, RADICASSE ROBO, MICRO-SCOPE, SCOPEMAN, BEAM ROBO…this MICROCHANGE mecha squadron fights on to protect peace on this beautiful planet Earth, and the rest of the universe!!

(excerpt from the introduction to Microman Secret File Vol. 1, as translated by MicroBry)


Saram & Microm2000 

M011 Salam was sold packaged in Microm2000 Capsule case. Each figure comes in the unique color capsule.


New Microman Series

Micro Change

M-011 Salam

Released : 2/1983

Retail Price : 480 Yen







Microman Salam Story


Microman Salam is the leader of the Micro Change Corp.  He is very good with tactics but can headstrong at time.  He came to Earth using Microm-2000 dimensional travel capsule that he build.


A Blast from the Past?


In 1996, when Romando reissued Microman Command 2 for their Micro Two-One line, they released a new Microman figure called M166 Saram. In an attempt, for the first time, to tie the two original Microman series together they gave M166 Saram background story as Microman who disappeared to another dimension in an accident while he was working on Micro1999 dimensional machine.


The Most Vintage Variants


Microman Command 2 Type have the most variations of all the vintage figures due to the release of M011 Salam. There were five variants from the original series plus six from the New Microman. When Microman was revived in 1996, Romando added two more variants (M165 & M166). Takara then added eight more versions with the Replica series. Not to mention there were three Micronauts variants released as Pharoid (with Space Glider head) plus four more versions from Palisades Retro Micronauts line, which would make the Command 2 to have the second most variations from the entire Micro line-up. (The top honor still belong to the M10X series) and the top variation for the vintage line.