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Replica Microman Series 

Microman Manga Reprint Campaign Promotion Lucky Draw Prize (100 pieces) - Reissued Gold M134 David (3/04) 


Spy Magician

M14X Spy Magician


Reissued Microman M14X (12/1999)

M141 Henry
M142 Hudson
M143 Holms

M144 Howard




M:I:S 01 (5/00)
Mission in Stealth Spy Magician M14X - WCC Exclusive


M140 Hawk (3/01)
Spy Leaders Set with M130 Duke - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive


Metallic Mode M140 (4/28/01)
Metallic M140 Hawk - Japan Robot Laboratory Exclusive


SAS 02 (5/27/01)
Sever-space Attack Service M14X - WCC Exclusive


M14X "The Thunderbolt Buddha" (7/24/01)
Electric Dragon 80000V Set with M12X "Dragon Eye" - Movie Exclusive


M13X Spy Magician


Reissued Microman M13X (11/2000)

M131 Dick
M132 Dan
M133 Danny

M134 David




Clear Mode M13X (10/6/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M131
Clear Mode M132
Clear Mode M133

Clear Mode M134


SAS 01 (11/26/00)
Server-space Attack Service M13X - WCC Exclusive


M130 Duke (3/01)
Spy Leaders Set with M140 Hawk - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive


Metallic Mode M130 (4/28/01)
Metallic M130 Duke - Japan Robot Laboratory Exclusive


Silver M13X (5/1/02)
Robotman Reinforced Tactic Set with White Acroyear A30X - Nagoya Robot Station 2002 Exclusive


Gold M134 David (3/04)
Lucky Draw Prize (100 Pieces) Microman Manga Reprint Promotion Campaign

Replica Gold M134 from the collection of Mr. Brad McQuaid



Replica Gold M134 David came in plain white standard 1970's style capsule. (The original also came in the capsule instead of the usual Spy Magician box)


Reprint of Microman Manga

Million Publishing released reprint of original 1970's Microman manga in 2003. The collections were separated into three volumes and included many of the color splash pages from the old TV Magazine.

Takara reissued Gold M134 David as Lucky Draw Prize for Microman Manga Reprint Campaign Promotion. This was only the second time that Takara reissued the "Premium" figure from the vintage series. (The other reissued was M110 Preton).  Gold version of M134 David was believed to have been originally released as one of the store premiums (whereby you get the figure when you purchase certain amount of Microman toys) back around 1979.  There were several other Spy Magician figures that were used during that period for store incentives. As with most of the vintage Microman premiums, very few samples of the vintage Gold M134 survived the time. The figure was well documented by Mr. Sashida on his website (Oriental Technology) and his Microman Collectors Guide so Gold M134 did exist. Only 100 pieces of Replica Gold M134 David were given out as Lucky Draw Prizes for the promotion of Reprint Microman Manga which made the reissued version also pretty rare. The figure used the same mold as the Replica versions of M13X Spy Magician and as such suffered the same blur out effect on the head as the other Replica M13X figures. Gold M134 David was essentially M134 with gold plated body (instead of dark green). The figure was packaged in plain white capsule and came with one set of Spy Magician wand and bracelet.
Replica Gold M134 David seen here came from collection of Mr. Brad McQuaid. (If you are a fan of Everquest game, you will probably recognize his name). You can see the rest of his collection along with collections of other Micro collectors at microcollection.net

Above is the advertisement for the Microman Manga Promotion Lucky Draw Campaign. By sending in the proof of purchases from the three reprint Microman manga books one would be entered into the drawing for either one of the one hundred Replica Gold M134 David or one of one hundred artwork print by Mr. Moritou (who was the artist of original Microman manga)