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1975 Original Microman

Super Steel Microman M21X Dash Wing Type M211 Ken, M212 Kelly & M213 Kim (c.1975)


Super Steel Microman


M211 Ken, M212 Kelly and M213 Kim


In March of 1975, Takara released die-cast style Microman figures called Super Steel Microman. The first series, M20X Type was essentially a die-cast version of the early "barefoot" Microman. The Super Steel line was introduce by Takara to capture some of the market share of die-cast robot toys that were very popular in Japan at the time. In August of 1975, Takara released second Super Steel Microman series designated as M21X Dash Wing Type. The third and last Super Steel series, M22X Hand Bazooka, was introduced the following month in September of 1975. While the early M20X series still had the short cuff style and lack the 5mm ports, M21X and M22X were updated with 1975 style Microman figures which came completed with 5mm ports and longer cuff style hands. 


M21X Type is probably one of the most recognizable Microman figure next to the Founder "barefoot" Series. The lead character in the original Microman manga is depicted as M21X Super Steel Microman. The M21X have full die-cast body and come with blue "Flight" helmet and wing-pack known as "Dash Wing". The wing pack plug into 5mm port in the back and has spring-loaded wings that flap up by pushing a small button at the base of the wing pack. There are three members in M21X Super Steel Dash Wing Type - M211 Ken, M212 Kelly and M213 Kim.  M211 Ken has gold color body with clear yellow wing pack and gold plated head, M212 Kelly has green body, clear green wing pack and green plated head.  M213 Kim has metallic blue body, clear blue wing pack and blue plated head.


Super Steel Microman are Microman whose body have undergone a major evolution inside the capsule. Being bury inside Earth iron core, these Microman bodies are encased in Super Steel Alloy. The M21X are equipped with "Dash Wing" that allow them to fly at speed of Mach 15

Micronauts and Palisades Retro Series


In 1976, Mego licensed Microman toys from Takara and M21X figures were sold as "Space Glider" in Micronauts line. (See sidebar). Micronauts Space Gliders were very similar to Microman counterpart but with some minor alteration by Mego to reduce production cost. The figure's colors however were mostly the same as Microman versions. When Palisades released Retro Micronauts line in 2002, they introduced several new color variants to M21X style and even include a new gun accessory for the figure.


The classic colors - gold, green and blue shared by both Microman and Micronauts.



The 2002 Palisades Retro Micronauts Space Gliders offer some unique colors for M21X style figure including "Commander" version based on the Marvel comic series and Microman "Jack" from Microman manga.



Super Steel Microman Series

M21X Dash Wing Type

Released : 8/1975

Retail Price : 750 Yen


Super Steel Microman M21X Type come packaged in small cardboard box with small cut out window so one can see the toy inside. The boxes are all the same for all three variants of M21X except for small designation lettering to denote the figure.


The back of the box detailed the story of Super Steel Dash Wing Microman and highlight the "Dash Wing" gimmick. The back also shows all the members of M21X Super Steel series.


Super Steel Microman were packaged inside plastic "capsule" case, similar to the capsules that were sold with M10X, M11X, M12X series.


Flight Helmet Included

M21X Type is one of the few Microman to come with helmet accessory. The helmet is molded in blue for all three figures.

Have Dash Wings, will travel


One of the main gimmick for M21X type is the "Dash Wing" back pack. The pack has spring-loaded wing that flap open by pushing down on small switch on the back pack. The pack connects to Microman body via 5mm connector.


Genuine Microman


Aside from the color plated heads, Microman Dash Wing Type can also be distinguish from the Micronauts version by "Takara Micro Man" stamp on the buttock and "M" letters on left arm and left leg.


Micronauts Space Glider


M21X Type series was one of many Microman toys that were licensed by Mego and sold as part of the Micronauts line in the US. Mego changed the name to "Space Glider" and the toy was slightly retooled and changed most likely to reduce production cost. The head was replace with M11X style head and only came in gold plated color only. Also instead of screws, the legs and back were join together with rivets. The ankle articulations were also removed and the lower leg and feet were molded as a single piece.  For more information about Mego Micronauts version please check out Dave Waugh excellent Micronauts website - Innerspace Online Space Glider


Micronauts Innerspace Online