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1979 RESCUE 1979 Rescue Microman Series
Rescue Team M26X Type - M261 Chris, M262 Adam & M263 James (c.1979) 


All three M26Xs (M261, M262 & M263) were available for individual sale.  Each figure came package in blue Rescue style dome capsule.


M26X came with standard Rescue Pulsar Gun and Energy backpack.

Back view

M26X had very simple design with two shoulder ports slightly extend to the back area.

Replica Microman

Takara reissued M26X Type in September of 2002.  They were sold in a set of two via Takara e-Hobby Shop as on-line exclusive.  See also Replica Microman Series - Microman Rescue Team M26X.

M261 Chris (vintage), M262 Adam (vintage) & M263 James (vintage)

M26X Type was released during the first half of 1979 for the Rescue Microman series along with M25X type.   M26X Type shared the same basic body parts as the M25X and also the subsequent M27X and M28X.

M261, M262 & M263 were sold individually in blue Rescue capsule.   M261 Chris was also sold as pack-in figure for Rescue Command 2 Bongo vehicle.  M262 Adam was sold as two-pack set along with Rescue Servo Man - Data and he was also package with Rescue Power-Up accessories set.   Not until after the release of M27X and M28X during the second half of 1979 that Takara would used  the idea of "exclusive color" pack-in figure as an incentive for kid to buy playset and vehicle.   This tactic of offering special color figure as an exclusive pack-in would continued through Microman Punch year and eventually on to New Microman series.  In 1980, Takara released Black Tiger Tank with a dark green M26X figure.  This figure was not given any designation number or name until Takara reissued the figure in 2002. 

M26X Variants Checklist









lime green/white



dark green/black








*Note : M264 was originally sold with Black Tiger tank as an unnamed figure.  Takara named him M264 Fred when they reissued M26X in September 2002.

Takara also released M26X type as M008 Cleo during 1981-84 New Microman series.  M008 were sold in orange/black color for individual sale (in New Microman style capsule), and with blue body and black pelvic as pack-in exclusive figure for Cosmic Fighter.