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1979 RESCUE Rescue Microman Series
Rescue Team M28X Type - M281 Clark & M282 Ryan (c.1979)



M281 & M282 were the only two members of M28X type to be sold individually. They came in the same style case as the other Rescue Types. M281 came in tan color case and M282 came in green color case.


The standard Rescue Pulsar Wave Energy gun and backpack was replaced by a single chrome blaster call Pulse Gun.

Back view of M28X Type


Each figure came with version two of 1979 Rescue Microman "Catarog"

M28X Type was released during the second half of 1979 for the Rescue Microman series along with M27X type.   M28X Type shared the same basic body parts as the two earlier Rescue types - M25X & M26X.

M282 Ryan

M281 Clark and M282 Ryan were the only two members of M28X type to be sold individually in the Rescue Case.  The cases were the same as M25X and M26X type, however, M281 came with tan color case and M282 came with green color case.  (All individual sale M25X came in a white color case and all individual sale M26X came in either white or blue case).   The rest of the members - M283 & M284 were sold as part of the playset or a vehicle.  M283 was sold with Rescue Command Gyro and M284 was sold with Cosmo Roller playset.   After the release of M27X and M28X during the second half of 1979, Takara used the idea of "exclusive" pack-in figure as a way to sell more playset and vehicles.   This tactic of offering special color figure as an exclusive pack-in would continued through Microman Punch year and eventually on to New Microman series.

M27X Variants Checklist









dark blue/white

M284 Foster* red/black
M010 Corona blue/black

*Note : M283 sold with black/orange Rescue Gyro, and M284 sold with blue Cosmo Roller.   

In 1981, Takara released M28X type as New Microman  M010 Corona


L-R: M283 Clark & M284 Foster