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1984 New Microman Series

Micro Change Series - MC-08 Battle Bike with M011 Saram & MC-09 Jet Heli with M011 Saram (c.1984) 


"Micro Changed!"

MC-08 & MC-09 in cassette tape mode.

Takara included a plastic case complete with label insert.


For Battle Bike set, Takara gave Saram several accessories - backpack that also act as seat support while he ride the bike, a black rider helmet and chrome machine gun.  The gun had 2mm peg and can be attach to the backpack.

For Jet Heli set, Takara also gave Saram several accessories - backpack, flight helmet and machine gun.  These accessories made Microman more militaristic in keeping with the 80's movement toward more realistic sci-fi theme and story.

Micro Change MC-08 and MC-09 were released in 1983 as part of New Microman - Micro Change Series.  MC-08 and MC-09 were a little difference from the other Micro Change toys, instead of changing into robot these two Micro Changes transformed into vehicles for Microman figures.

Cassette Machine MC-08 Battle Bike HG90

MC-08 Battle Bike was a cassette tape that could transformed into motorcycle for Microman Saram.  The transformation was very clever and produce very nice looking bike.  However, like most early "transformers" toys, they were not entirely self-contain and in the case of MC-08 a small launcher unit had to be attach to the front of the "transforming" cassette.   Despite the fact that it was a transforming toy, Battle Bike was one of the cooler looking vehicle for Microman.  MC-08 came with exclusive red and white version of Microman M011 Saram.  (M011 Saram was the last New Microman figure released by Takara.  He came from Microman Command 2 molds)

MC-09 Jet Heli XL120

MC-09 Jet Heli was also a cassette tape that could transformed into helicopter for Microman Saram.  Like, Battle Bike, MC-09 Jet Heli was a very clever transformation toy and the operation was completely self-contain.   Jet Heli also came with exclusive version of M011 Saram.  This time the figure was interestingly done in black and white color scheme - the same color scheme as the elusive mail-away Microman Egypton from 1977.  While this probably wasn't intentional since Takara most likely picked this color scheme so Saram would match the M004 Eiji that came with 7-2-1 Formation.  If one were to look at all the ex-Command Microman in the New Microman line, it was clear that Takara tried to give matching color schemes for M004, M005 and M011.

Side view

Both MC-08 and MC-09 came with a set of chrome missiles for their launchers.  MC-08 also came with a kick-stand for the bike so it could stand without hand support.

In 1999, Takara reused the molds from these toys for the Magne Power Microman line.  Both toys were retooled and released as Cassette Machine 031 Stealth Heli and 032 Sonic Bike.  (See also Micro Millennium - 031 & 032 Cassette Machine.)

Exclusive Microman M011 Saram


Since the second half of Microman Rescue Series in 1979, Takara began the trend of including exclusive repaint version of Microman figure with a vehicle or a play-set.  This trend was heavily exploited during New Microman line from 1981 up until 1984.  Micro Change Series was no difference and MC-08 and MC-09 both came with exclusive versions of Microman M011 Saram.  (Microman Saram was of course repaint of the old Microman Command 2 M16X from the Original Microman Series or Micronauts Pharoid.)  MC-08 came with red and white Saram and MC-09 came with black and white version, both of these figures were only sold with the vehicles.   Like the rest of New Microman "command" figure, all the glow-in-the-dark plastic parts had been replaced with color plastic.