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Microman Exvern & Gran Mirror MICROMAN 2007 WECKER SIGNA SERIES



RELEASE DATE : 3/2008*

RETAIL PRICE :  3,875 Yen


Microman Series Wecker Signa 04 comes packaged in small fold out box like the previous Wecker Signa toys. The figure is sold with a vehicle and include episodes of Wecker Signa on DVD. (Region 2)

 * Delayed from 2007





Microman Exvern

Microman Exvern come with extra head so the figure can be display as visor up or down.

Each figure comes with matching color extra hands

Each figure comes with hexagon Microlady 2.0 figure stand (sans the extra posts and mounting pieces).



TAKARA-TOMY, in 2007, announces new core Microman series.  This new series dubbed "Wecker Signa Project" is a big departure from the previous Micro Force series.  Instead of using comics and CG story, the line is being combine with tokukatsu (Japanese live-action show) using young Japanese teen idol girls as a way to attract interest (the show is clearly gear toward young Japanese male.  The heroes and heroines in the show use Microman designs as inspirational and Microman toys even appear in the series as prop.  This new direction is most likely to reduce cost and hope to take Microman to main-stream audience.  With TAKARA division of TOMY in disarray after the merger and restructuring may be this is probably the best we can hope to get aside from the line being cancel completely.


MWS-04 is the 4th set in the Wecker Signa Project series. This set include a Microman figure and a vehicle play-set.  The set is delayed from last year and this set along with MWS-05 appear to be the last of Microman series. Both the figure and vehicle are repaint of Microman Bio-Machine Xegu & Mirror from 2004.  Exvern is repaint of Microman Xegu with solid black body and slightly remold chest plate.  He has the same chrome metallic red color as Xegu.  The often break clear plastic ankle joints are replaced with chrome solid piece. The heads are newly molded with Ultraman-looking head and Power Ranger-like visor head.


Wecker Signa Gran Mirror is repaint of Mirror from Bio-Machine series. The clear blue parts have been replaced with clear red (which look very nice). The vehicle is still mostly chrome but with some painted red and black highlight to break thing up. The mold is exactly the same as Mirror including the strangely out of place head part of Bio-Machine Bio-Suit.



Microman Wecker Signa although appear to be more like Micro Action line is actually part of core Microman series and a sequel to Microman Force series.  The figures are essentially repaint versions of previous Microman toys, so unless you are really into color variants or hard-core collectors these Signa figures offer nothing new to the line aside from the added live-action show featuring young Japanese teen idols.