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 1978 Police Keeper Robotman Series
Mego Micronauts - Phobos (c.1978)


Phobos come package in the same style box as Micronauts Biotron.

Micronauts Catalog

Phobos did not come with any sticker but a few were ship with Biotron sticker sheet.  The toy come with an adaptation of Biotron instruction sheet and the connector pieces similar to the one that came with Biotron.

Back View

Back view of Mego Phobos.  Another interesting thing about Phobos that was pointed out to me by Sam Staley, a fellow collector, is that he has another face on the back of his head.

While Takara attempt to rejuvenate Microman line with MicroHoodman and Micro Knight, Mego was doing the same with Micronauts line by introducing their own Micronauts Aliens series along with re-paint of the old toys.  Takara released a new version of Robotman with new power-up parts call Robotman 2, Mego decided to go with cheaper method to come up with new robot by simply mold a new head and re-paint Biotron (Robotman) and make a "new" robot call Phobos.  Phobos was released during the third series of Micronauts along with his sidekick Nemesis which was a re-sculpt of Microtron (MicroRobot1).

"Robotman" Phobos

The first time I saw Phobos (on Bryan's Rescue Base Site), my reaction was simply "what a heck is that thing".  Phobos has a striking red and black color scheme and a big saucer like head.  The head while was trying to be menacing with its twin horn often came across as silly due to the two round 5mm hole eyes and big square mouth full of metallic teeth.   The head gave one an impression it was drawn up by a kid.  Though he is pretty silly, Phobos does make a great evil counterpart of Robotman so I decided to have him pilot by an Acroyear.  He does make an excellent addition to my Robotman collection.  Beside the new head and color, Phobos is exactly the same toy as Biotron (Robotman).

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