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 1978 Police Keeper Robotman Series
Robotman 2 (c.1978)


Robotman 2 came package in similar style window box as the first Robotman.  Note "Robotman 2" and "Microman" in English.  Takara also started to use the very recognizable manga style artwork on the package.  (During the following year, Rescue Microman would extensively feature the artworks by Moritou on all Microman toy packages.)

Back View

Back view of Robotman 2.  Note the two small red wings.

Robotman 2 is fully motorized and can transforms into a tank-like vehicle for Microman to ride on.


Robotman 2 was released in 1978 as the upgrade version of the original Robotman.  Microman Police Keeper used their technology to outfit Robotman with shielding armor and missiles weapons.

Robotman 2

Robotman 2 is identical to the first Robotman but with new head, chest armor, gun, two small wings (in the back) and missile racks.  The main body and lower legs of Robotman 2 are  dark navy blue instead of red and light blue on the old Robotman. 

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