Super imaginative chogokin VOL. 21

Masked Rider Amazon & Jungler


Super Imaginative Chogokin Series

Vol. 21 Masked Rider Amazon & Jungler

Original Release Date - December 2003

Original Release Price - 6825 Yen

Materials - ABS, PVC & die-cast metal

Scale - Approximately 1/10 (7" figure)

Availability - currently OOP


Bandai released S.I.C. Vol.21 Masked Rider Amazon & Jungler set in December of 2003. This was only the second set since S.I.C. Vol.14 Rider 1 & Cyclone to feature the motorcycle from Kamen Rider series. Amazon was, of course, natural subject for the S.I.C. series, since the regular version was quite a departure from other early Masked Rider and already depicted the character with savage and hard edge appearance. S.I.C. version of Amazon depicted him with lizard-like look with slim design that gave his body plant like skin. The head retained much of the original characteristic and featured clear eye lens and articulate mouth. The designer decided to recess the eyes into his head which made the face a bit odd looking. Amazon retained much of his original color including his signature red camouflage pattern. Like other vehicle and figure set, "Chogokin" (die-cast) parts on Amazon were pretty limited and only his belt and his arm band (Gigi) were made of metal. (Bandai also included extra belt with his whip weapon removed and also the companion armband that at one time belong to Amazon's enemy Golgo. His bike, Jungler, had been extensively modified to have more organic like appearance that was nicely blend in with mechanical parts. The tail fins were beautifully done with clear parts and gave Jungler a very unique look. I understand that large set is much more expensive to produce and do not sell as well as smaller figure set but it is set like this that I think really make the S.I.C. series unique and I hope to see more vehicle set.