2003-2005 star wars clone wars animated series



clone wars animated series




anakin skywalker

asajj ventress

mace windu

obi-wan kenobi



clone trooper

count dooku





arc trooper

anakin skywalker (damage)

clone trooper captain

clone trooper commander

clone trooper lieutenant

general grievous


commemorative set

volume 1 jedi force pack

volume 1 sith attack pack

volume 2 pack 1

volume 2 pack 2













clone wars


star wars clone wars animated series is a series of animated shorts aired on cartoon network and ran for 3 seasons from 2003-2005.  the series took place between episode II attack of the clones and episode III revenge of the sith.



many consider the animated series to be pilot or forerunner of the later CGI animated star wars the clone wars (which drew many inspiration from this series).


hasbro released three set of figures along with two series of three packs set. the figures have very limited articulations but have very streamline animated looks that set them apart from other star wars figures.



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