mcquarrie signature and concept series



star wars 30th anniversary and legacy series


signature series (2007)

concept stormtrooper

concept boba fett

concept chewbacca

concept darth vader

concept starkiller hero

concept snowtrooper

concept han solo

concept rebel trooper


convention exclusives

concept obi-wan and yoda

concept c3-po and r2-d2

concept luke skywalker


legacy collection (2008)

concept anakin skywalker

concept ki-adi-mundi


legacy collection (2009)

concept ig-88

concept snowtrooper (samurai)


special box set (2010)

r. mcquarrie signature series 1

r. mcquarrie signature series 2




























concept design star wars figures


one of the more interesting series hasbro comes up with is the idea of making toys from concept design figures and vehicles.  during power of the force 2 line in early 90's, hasbro put out a few concept vehicles and figures under expanded universe banner (airspeeder, cloud car and speeder bike). the idea while interesting to collectors and fans they never did sell really well and this was quickly abandon.



hasbro released concept figure again in 2003, this time a stormtrooper base on famous concept artwork by ralph mcquarrie.  the figure was a big hit.  in 2007, hasbro revisited the idea and released a series of ralph mcquarrie design under "signature series" as part of the 30th anniversary collection line. one figure from each wave would be from one of the  concept arts by ralph mcquarrie.  total of eight figures were released as part of standard line.  there were also special two packs of yoda and obi-wan were sold at san diego comic-con and another two packs of c3-po & r2d2 were sold at star wars celebration convention IV along with concept luke skywalker.




hasbro also released concept art general grievous base on design by warren fu probably to make the connection between the original and prequel trilogies.  the figure is available from star wars shop (on-line store) and only receive with moderate success.



for 2008 and 2009, hasbro released a few more concept figures but nothing as elaborate as the ralph mcquarrie signature series.  concept episode III anakin skywalker by sang jun lee and concept jedi ki-adi-mundi by derek thompson (also from episode III) were released in 2008. 2009 saw the release of two concept figures, another ralph mcquarrie's design of ig-88 and joe johnston's samurai snowtrooper.  the packaging for the last four concept were not distinguished from the other figures in the series.  actually the ig-88 looks rather odd on build-a-droid series 2 card back.


hasbro released special sets of mcquarrie series in 2010 with all thirteen figures from 2007 line packaged in two box sets and sold as toys-r-us store exclusive.  there is currently no plan for more concept art figures and it appears hasbro has put temporary hold on for this sub-series.


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