2007 ORDER 66 - 30th anniversary collection (target store exclusive)



30th anniversary collection



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emperor & commander thire


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mace windu & galactic marine


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darth vader & commander bow


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anakin skywalker & airborne trooper


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obi-wan kenobi & utapau AT-RT driver


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yoda & kashyyyk trooper





















the 30th anniversary order 66 collection


hasbro released order 66 series as part of the 30th anniversary collection as target exclusive. the set included six two-packs figures, one clone trooper and one jedi, packaged in stylish clear canister packaging. the figures were repack or repaint of previously release toys.  the packaging for order 66 is probably the strongest part of the line, the figures are pose in the clear tube with beautiful painted background, along with nice artworks of the characters on the back side.  the figures are a mix bag, however, the jedi and the sith are  boring repack of not very good figures to begin with while the troopers are more interesting especially the unique named commanders.  I have to admit I only got this set because of the pretty packaging and the order 66 theme.




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