2008 ORDER 66 Series 2 - 30th anniversary collection (target store exclusive)




30th anniversary collection



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obi-wan kenobi & ARC trooper commander


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anakin skywalker & ARC trooper


3 of 6

tsui choi & BARC trooper


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emperor palpatine & commander vill


5 of 6

luminara unduli & AT-RT driver


6 of 6

master sev & ARC trooper





















the 30th anniversary order 66 collection series2


hasbro follow up last year successful order 66 target store exclusive with 2nd series in 2008. the 2nd series follow the same format as the first with a pair of figures, jedi or sith and a clone trooper.  the figures are packaged inside a tubular style display with beautiful backdrop so the figures appear to be in a mini diorama. the back side of each set has a very nice artwork version of the figures.  this series, hasbro includes two all new molds for the jedi however the trooper side seems to get short change with 3 of the 6 being arc troopers (from the clone war) of various colors.




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