rebel and imperial pilots of star wars universe



star wars 30th anniversary and legacy series


30th anniversary (2007)

  biggs darklighter - x-wing pilot

  zev senesca (fan choice)

  tycho celchu - a-wing pilot


evolutions (2008)

evolutions rebel pilot legacy I

  dorovio bold (rotj)

  wes janson (esb)

  ten numb (rotj)


evolutions rebel pilot legacy II

  cesi eirriss (eu)

  kesin ommis (esb)

  keyan farlander (rtoj)


evolutions rebel pilot legacy III

  john d. brannon (anh)

  shira brie (eu)

  jake farrell (rtoj)


evolutions imperial pilot legacy I

  clone pilot (clone wars)

  clone pilot (rots)

  biggs darklighter - tie pilot (eu)


evolutions imperial pilot legacy II

  clone pilot - republic gunship

  clone pilot - v-wing pilot

  tie fighter pilot


legacy collection (2008)

droid factory series

  luke skywalker (x-wing) & r2d2

  corran horn & whistler (eu)


battle packs & vehicle set

  avel crynyd (a-wing set)


legacy collection (2009)


  nien numb - b-wing pilot

  luke skywalker - snowspeeder


battle packs & vehicle set

  wedge antilles (x-wing set)

  garven dreis (scramble set)


comic packs (2008-09)

x-wing rogue squadron

  ibtisam & nrin vakil


x-wing rogue squadron

  plourr ilo & dllr neb


vintage collection (2010)

  dack ralter

  wedge antilles (delayed)


legacy collection (2010)

battle over endor set 1

  lt. oxixo (tie pilot)

  sila kott (red 2)

  lt. ekelarc yong (gray 3)

  r5-p9 (ekelarc's droid)


battle over endor set 2

  major mianda (scythe one)

  palsor them (blue 7)

  grizz fixx (red 5)

  r2-t7 (grizz's droid)


vintage collection (2011)

  wedge antilles

  luke (dagobah's landing)

  b-wing pilot (keyan)

  tie pilot


vintage collection (2012)

  rebel pilot (mon calimari)

  clone pilot (odd ball)

  naboo pilot

  nien numb (falcon pilot)


legacy collection (2012)

  naboo pilot

  ric olie

  battle of yavin pack

     jek porkin (red 6)

     davish krail (gold 5)

     tiree (gold 2)

     mauler mithel (black 2)

     r5-d8 (jek's droid)


legacy collection (2013)

  bigg darklighter

  clone pilot (phase 1)

  backstabber (black 3)


































evolution of star wars pilots


there are many sub-genres in star wars line that many collector focus on, the obvious one are the droids, the aliens, and with prequels come the jedi and the multitude of clone troopers.  one of the popular section in recent years is many of the rebel pilots from the original trilogy.  likes many of the aliens, these pilots usually have brief line or scene but just like the real world counterpart there is something romantic and mythical about these knight of the skies (or space).



one of the thing that 2004-2006 vintage series did for star wars line was to bring about better articulations and details to these action-figures. the release of luke skywalker x-wing pilot in 2006 saga legend line proved that hasbro could do a superbly details pilot figures with super-articulations to go along with it.



hasbro released several popular rebels pilot figures from the movies in the 30th anniversary pilot such as biggs darklighter, zev senesca and tycho celchu.  while biggs and zev still have the limited and swivel joint articulations from previous 2004-05 line, tycho has full ball joints and hinge found on 2006 vintage series.


the follow up series, the legacy collection, though concentrated mainly on the droids, saw several more highly details pilots including long awaited wedge antilles, red leader garven dreis, nien numb in b-wing outfit and luke in his rebel snowspeeder outfit and this time the articulations from 2006 vintage series were applied to the figure along with super details chest contraption.  due to their popularity, hasbro also packaged several rebels pilots and released them as part of the evolutions series, in which they includes many of the expanded universe pilots from comic books.  a few set of comic series also debut expanded universe pilots on their own.



along with rebels, hasbro also releases couple of imperial pilots set that shows their evolutions from clone pilots into the fearsome imperial pilots.  in 2011, hasbro decide to combine the two and release battle of endor set including not only the named imperial and rebels pilot but also astromech droids.


2012 saw return of several more pilot figures to the rank.  this sub-genre of star wars collecting still prove to be popular and the pilots figures are always sought after.  hasbro plan another "battle" pack pilots set featuring the battle of yavin.


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