2008 star wars the clone wars series



the clone wars


series 1 2008-2009



no01 anakin skywalker

no02 obi-wan kenobi

no03 yoda

no04 captain rex

no05 clone trooper

no06 general grievous

no07 battle droid

no08 r2-d2



no09 ahsoka (with rotta)

no10 commander cody

no11 clone pilot oddball

no12 super battle droid



no13 count dooko

no14 plo koon

no15 asajj ventress

no16 c3-po

no17 destroyer droid

no18 ig-86 assassin droid



no19 clone trooper 212th ab

no20 padme amidala

no21 clone trooper space gear

no22 magna guard

no23 r3-s6 "goldie"



no24 jar-jar binks

no25 rocket battle droid

no26 clone trooper 41st ec

no27 kit fisto



captain rex (mail-away)

commander fox (target)

holographic grievous (toysrus)

clone 501st legion (wal-mart)

clone senate security (sdcc08)



speeder bike recon team

obi-wan and 212th ab*

yoda and coruscant guards*

battle at b'omar monastery

battle of christophsis

at-te assault squad


deluxe set (mini-rigs)

clone trooper with speeder bike

battle droid with scout tank











the clone wars


star wars the clone wars series is a computer animated movie and television series based on the popular star wars : clone wars animated serial shorts from 2003 by cartoon network (now consider to be the pilot series for the clone wars).  the series take place during the same period as clone wars story (between episode 2 & 3) and will expand on the stories from clone wars. george lucas plans to have at least 100 episodes and ambitious five years run. 


like clone wars toys, hasbro release the clone wars star wars figures using the designs and looks of the animated series.  while this may not be everyone cup of tea, I really do enjoy the stylized designs of the series and a nice take on the typical star wars action-figures.


while the figures (so far) are all new molds, most of the vehicles are repainted of the one from star wars movie lines with a few new additions make just for the animated series.  hasbro also release battle-pack (multi-pack figures, vehicles in diorama setting) and several exclusive figures to promote the line.



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