2009 star wars the clone wars series



star wars the clone wars

series 2 2009-2010



cw01 general grievous*

cw02 clone trooper (space)*

cw03 rocket battle droid*

cw04 clone trooper (41st ec)*

cw05 kit fisto*



cw06 mace windu

cw07 admiral yularen

cw08 jawas

cw09 commander gree

cw10 arf trooper

cw11 heavy assault battle droid



cw12 obi-wan kenobi (space)

cw13 4a-7

cw14 yoda

cw15 whorm loathsom

cw16 commando droid

cw17 clone trooper echo

cw18 anakin skywalker*

cw19 obi-wan kenobi*



cw20 clone trooper denal

cw21 anakin skywalker (space)

cw22 cad bane

cw23 ahsoka tano (space gear)



cw24 captain rex*

cw25 r2-d2*

cw26 ahsoka tano*

cw27 count dooku*

cw28 clone commander cody*

cw29 destroyer droid*



cw30 luminara unduli

cw31 captain argyus

cw32 clone commander thire

cw33 aat battle droid



cw34 matchstick

cw35 padme (adventure gear)

cw36 clone tank gunner

cw37 ziro's assassin droid



cw38 clone trooper jek

cw39 commander bly

cw40 aayla secura

cw41 hondo ohnaka



cw42 anakin skywalker (cold)

cw43 thi-sen

cw44 clone commander stone

cw45 darth sidious

cw46 commander tx-20



cw47 firefighter droid

cw48 obi-wan kenobi (cold gear)

cw49 magna guard (with cape)

cw50 captain rex (cold gear)



nahdar vebb  (mail-away)

commander ponds (toysrus)

ambush set (wal-mart)

rookies set (wal-mart)


battle packs

ambush at abregado (target)

assault on ryloth (target)

holocron heist

rishi moon outpost attack

jedi showdown












the clone wars series 2


star wars the clone wars animated series was a big success and hasbro follow up with series 2 that consisted of 50 figures in all new card back.  the figures include some reissues from last year line up but most of the figures are new.



the card back for this year change from blue to red and used the design similar to 30th anniversary line with nice artwork of the character on the right hand corner.


one of the focus on this year figures were various named clone troopers  since they are very popular with both collectors and kids and we got plenty from last year favorite to many of the one-off episode characters from season 1.



along with figures, hasbro also released several battle packs and vehicles to flesh out the line including the huge turbo tank toy.



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