the clone wars series 4 (2012)



star wars the clone wars

series 4 2012



cw01 anakin skywalker (new)

cw02 clone trooper (phase II)

cw03 savage opress*

cw04 cad bane*

cw05 yoda*

cw06 plo koon*

cw07 commander cody (new)

cw08 mace windu

cw09 chewbacca*

cw10 aqua droid*



cw11 republic commando boss

cw12 obi-wan kenobi (new)

cw13 captain rex (new)

cw14 aayla secura

cw15 ahsoka tano (scuba)

cw16 super battle droid (new)

cw17 clone commander wolfe

cw18 clone commander fox


*denote reissued figures












the clone wars series 4


after an explosive series 3 last year, the clone wars return this year with a whimper.  it seems hasbro lost their faith in the series (not sure why, for all the retails indication the series seems to be doing well with both collectors and kids).  this year only a handful of figures were planned and of that only a scant quantities were new sculpt while the rest were either reissues or slightly redecorated figures.


to add insult to the injury of once mighty series, this year the packaging was piggyback off the main (movie heroes) line with no indication that the figures were from the animate series.


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