2010 star wars the vintage collection



the vintage collection



wave 1

the empire strikes back

vc01 denga

vc02 leia (hoth outfit)

vc03 han solo (echo base)

vc04 luke skywalker (bespin)

vc05 at-at commander

vc06 see-threepio (c-3po)

vc07 dac ralter

vc08 darth vader

vc09 boba fett

vc10 4-lom

vc11 cloud car pilot (twin-pod)


wave 2 

revenge of the sith

vc12 darth sidious

vc13 anakin skywalker (vader)

vc15 clone trooper

vc16 obi-wan kenobi

vc17 general grievous

vc18 magnaguard

vc19 commander cody


a new hope (special edition)

vc14 sandtrooper (sergeant)


wave 3

return of the jedi

vc20 yoda (the jedi master)

vc21 gamorrean guard

vc22 admiral ackbar

vc23 luke skywalker (jedi knight)

vc24 wooof

vc25 r2-d2

vc26 rebel commando

vc27 wicket

vc28 wedge antilles


wave 4

attack of the clones

vc29 kit fisto

vc30 zam wesell

vc31 obi-wan kenobi

vc32 anakin skywalker (peasant)

vc33 padme amidala (peasant)

vc34 jango fett

vc35 mace windu

vc36 coruscant senate guard

vc37 super battle droid



mail-away exclusive

baba fett (rocket-firing)


convention exclusive

bounty hunters set


target exclusive

rebel armored snowspeeder

imperial tie fighter

special action figure set 1


toys r us exclusive

imperial walker at-at































the vintage collection returns ...


after three years absence, the vintage series return as the vintage collection series in 2010 in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the empire strike back.  unlike the previous vintage series, the vintage collection are not limited to newly sculpted figures but also repackaged of the previously released figures from the regular line. the figures do get some  improvements, such as new heads or parts, while others are just wholesale repaint with added soft goods.  while this help make the line more expansive and reduce the cost, the figures are not as high in qualities as the figures from three years ago.  also the figures in the vintage collection are not necessary figures that were released in the original kenner line but include many figures that never did appear in the old kenner series. this allow hasbro to release figures from the prequel along with other characters from the original trilogy that never got proper kenner card.  hasbro also release special chase figures with silver foil cards as part of the "galactic hunt".



The first wave consisted of 11 figures from the empire strike back including denga and 4-lom the two bounty hunters that were missing from the previous vintage collection.  some new notable figures that were never part of original kenner line including never before seen dac ralter and han solo in echo base outfit along with a remake of cloud car pilot.



the second wave features figures from revenge of the sith, the last movie from the prequel trilogy, which  celebrating the 5th anniversary in 2010.  this collection contains reissue figures from several years ago along with  some brand new figures such as magnaguard and darth sidious.  a lone sandtrooper from star wars: a new hope is also strangely part of this wave.



the third wave includes figures from return of the jedi all of the cards with exception of wege antilles are from the original kenner line from 1980's .  the forth wave will contains figures from attack of the clone prequel movie.  there is a good opportunity here to get a new figure with better details and articulations but sadly many are repaints of figures from the last few year.


the fifth wave is the first mixed wave and  have figures from various movies.  the notable figures are new luke and han and finally yoda that was removed from wave 2 is in this wave.  all the others are repaint or repackaged figures from previous saga legend line.


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