2011 star wars the vintage collection series 2



the vintage collection



wave 5 (1)

a new hope

vc39 luke skywalker (death star)

vc40 r5-d4

vc42 han solo (yavin)


the empire strikes back

vc41 stormtrooper


return of the jedi

vc23 luke skywalker (capture)*


revenge of the sith

vc13 darth vader (anakin)*

vc20 yoda (the jedi master)

vc38 clone trooper (212th)

vc43 commander gree


wave 6 (2)

the empire strikes back

vc44 luke (dagobah landing)


attack of the clones

vc45 clone trooper (phase I)

vc49 fi-ek sirch (jedi knight)


revenge of the sith

vc46 at-rt driver


return of the jedi

vc47 general lando calrissian

vc48 weeqway (skiff master)


wave 3.5 (2.5)

return of the jedi

vc28 wedge antilles


wave 7 (3)

the empire strikes back

vc50 han solo (bespin)


attack of the clones

vc51 bariss offee (jedi padawan)


a new hope

vc52 rebel blockade trooper

vc53 bom vimdim (advozse)


expanded universe (clone wars)

vc54 arc trooper commander


return of the jedi

vc55 logray (ewok)


wave 8 (4)

return of the jedi

vc62 han solo (endor)

vc63 b-wing pilot (keyan)

vc64 leia (slave outfit)

vc65 tie fighter pilot

vc09 boba fett


wave 9 (5)

the empire strikes back

vc68 echo base trooper


expanded universe (kotor)

vc69 bastilla shan


a new hope

vc70 ponda boba (walrus man)


chase figures wave 8 & 9

revenge of the jedi

vc08 darth vader*

vc09 boba fett**

vc22 admiral ackbar*

vc23 luke (endor capture)*

vc25 r2-d2 (bartender)*

vc26 rebel commando (black)**

vc27 wicket*

vc41 stormtrooper*

vc62 han solo (endor)*

vc63 b-wing pilot (keyan)*

vc64 leia (slave outfit)*

vc65 tie fighter pilot*



mail-away exclusive

vc61 boba fett (prototype armor)


sdcc exclusive

revenge of the jedi set with

vc66 salicious crumb

vc67 mouse droid


target exclusive

special action figure set 2

special action figure set 3





k-mart exclusive

b-wing fighter


toys r us exclusive

y-wing fighter


* = reissued figure with new card

** = variant figure

() = denote current year wave












the vintage collection series 2


the vintage collection makes a return in a big way in 2011 with more figures from not only the prequel and the original trilogy, but also for the first time figures from the expanded universe.  with the announcement of blu-ray set and the 3-d version of the phantom menace, one can expect many star wars merchandise this year. hasbro is already hinting at "deleted scenes" figures and announce that the vintage line is to be extend into 2012.


this year instead of each wave being theme after a movie, the line is mixture of figures from various star wars movies along with the expanded universe media.  instead of the silly foil card, the galactic hunt figures this year are going to be "revenge of the jedi" card back figures (starting in wave 5). the revenge set is also going to be available as convention exclusive for san diego comic-con in giant death star packaging.


the mail away exclusive is another boba fett, this time it is the prototype armor version (all white) that can be seen in various star wars behind the scene books.  target already have plan for 2nd series of special action figure set for this spring.


at sdcc comic-con, hasbro announced several changes to the line-up for 2011.  the original wave 8 (evazan wave) was delayed to sometimes in 2012. the revenge of the jedi waves (wave 9 and 10) would be the only two remaining wave for the rest of the year.  these two waves included all 12 figures from sdcc set with "revenge" card as chase figures along with three new figures not previously available including - ponda, echo base trooper and bastilla shan along with repackaged of old figures - han (endor), b-wing pilot (keyan), leia (slave girl) and tie fighter pilot.


for 2012, the first wave will be the long await the phantom menace assortment and then follow by blu-ray deleted scene figures.  the delayed wave 8 would be released sometimes after.


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