2012 the vintage collection series 3



the vintage collection



wave10 (1)

the phantom menace

vc75 qui-gon jin

vc76 obi-wan kenobi (padawan)

vc77 ratts tyerell

vc78 battle droid

vc79 darth sidious

vc80 anakin skywalker (padawan)

vc81 ben quadinaros

vc82 daultay dofine

vc83 naboo royal guard

vc84 queen amidala

vc85 quinlan vos

vc86 darth maul


wave11 (1.5)

return of the jedi (blu-ray)

vc87 luke (lightsaber construction)

vc88 leia (sandstorm)

vc89 lando (sandstorm)

vc90 colonel cracken (falcon crew)

vc91 rebel pilot (mon calamari)


wave12 (2)

the clone wars

vc92 anakin skywalker


a new hope

vc93 darth vader

vc94 imperial navy commander


the empire strikes back

vc95 luke skywalker (hoth)


expanded universe (sw:tor)

vc96 darth malgus


wave13 (2.5)

return of the jedi

vc56 kithaba


a new hope

vc57 dr. evazan


revenge of the sith

vc58 aayla secula

vc60 clone trooper (501st)


expanded universe (crimson)

vc59 nom anor


wave14 (3)

revenge of the sith

vc97 odd ball (clone pilot)


a new hope

vc98 grand moff tarkin


return of the jedi

vc99 nikto (skiff guard)


expanded universe (fu2)

vc100 starkiller (vader's apprentice)


expanded universe (tor)

vc101 shae vizla (bounty hunter)


wave15 (4)

"the lost line"

the phantom menace

vc108 jar-jar binks


attack of the clones

vc109 clone trooper lieutenant


revenge of the sith

vc110 shock trooper


the empire strikes back

vc111 princess leia (bespin)


a new hope

vc112 sandtrooper (captain)


return of the jedi

vc115 darth vader


wave16 (5)

the phantom menace

vc71 mawhonic

vc72 naboo pilot

vc73 aurra sing

vc74 gungan warrior


the clone wars

vc102 ahsoka tano

vc103 obi-wan kenobi


return of the jedi

vc104 lumat

vc105 emperor's royal guard

vc106 nien numb

vc107 weequay skilff guard

vc114 orrimaarko (prune face)


expanded universe (sw:tor)

vc113 republic trooper


vehicles series

obi-wan's jedi starfigter

v-19 torrent fighter

at-ap walker



convention exclusive

jar-jar binks in carbonite with "lost line" carbonite chamber



special action-figure series 4


toys r us

return of the jedi at-at



return of the jedi at-st

special set at-st drivers

special set ewoks













the vintage collection series 3


the vintage collection made another return in 2012 and this time the line expanded in a big way to commemorate the released of star wars episode 1 the phantom menace 3d movie.



in 2011 the vintage collection line suffered a severe uneven distribution problem and many of the figures were very difficult to find a retails.  hasbro tried to addresse the problem of carry forward figures being stuck on the shelves (by removing them and no longer continued to repack trooper in every assortments).  while the problem improved somewhat many retailers still either flooded with one wave while others were no where to be found.



this year start off with the much delayed the phantom menace wave (originally scheduled for 2010) to coincide with the new 3d movie and then follow by the blu-ray deleted scene wave (a bit late since the blu-ray movies came out several months ago).


for remaining of 2012 hasbro plan is to have mixed assortments of figures from all six movies along with subject from the various expanded universe materials including the old republic video game along with realistic vintage style version of characters from clone wars animated series.



for 2nd half of 2012, hasbro plans another chase figure variants this time featuring the "lost line" series.  the figure from wave 4 (wave 15 for the series) come in alternate packaging base on the old kenner unused design from 1977.  the  lost line set is also available as sdcc exclusive along with vintage version of jar-jar bink in carbonite.


the final wave of 2012 and also of the vintage series (the line is set to be on hiatus at the end of 2012), includes four figures from the phantom menace that were previously release as wal-mart exclusive (in darth maul packaging), two clone wars animated series figures, another expanded universe the old republic figure and five return of the jedi figures.  the last wave will be sold only through on-line outlets.


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