2006 the vintage saga collection VTSC



vintage series


2006 the saga collection


a new hope

luke skywalker : x-wing pilot


sand people


return of the jedi

biker scout

han solo in trench coat


mail-away exclusive

george lucas : stormtrooper




vintage kenner





the only figure that i have as a kid was luke in x-wing outfit.


















the saga collection (vintage series 2)


after a brief hiatus in 2005, the vintage series return in 2006.  the line is now being marketed as "premium" figure line and sold in limited numbers.  the series consist of just a single wave with five figures in the assortment and one mail-away exclusive figure (george lucas in stormtrooper disguise). the 2nd series is branded with the 2006 the saga collection (TSC) logo on the outer clamshell.


greedo - this is a nice figure of this poor bounty hunter.  the figure is however rather boring even with the real cloth vest that hasbro gives him to spruce up this figure.


luke skywalker : x-wing pilot - this is probably the best figure in this line-up. luke comes with removable helmet that is quite details and separately molded flight strap.  strangely he is pack with darth vader's light saber hilt.


sand people - a really cool remake.  the real cloth outfit really help makes this figure more interesting.


biker scout - this is one of the best biker scout figure to be release in the 10cm scale. the figure is nicely details and very articulate.



han solo in trench coat - he is pretty much a slight retool of han solo from 2004 VOTC figure but with added trench coat.  the coat is very well done and looks very realistic.



george lucas in stormtrooper disguise - this is a mail-away exclusive from 2006 ultimate galactic hunt promotion.  the figure however uses the older mold and not the new VOTC.



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