2007 the vintage saga collection VTSC



vintage series


2007 the saga collection

(30th anniversary collection)


the empire strike back


han solo (hoth outfit)


luke skywalker (bespin fatiques)

imperial stormtrooper (hoth)


return of the jedi

princess leia organa (poncho)


mail-away exclusive

collectible coins set




















the saga collection (vintage series 3)


the saga collection returned in 2007 as part of the the 30th anniversary collection with five figures from the empire strike back and one lone figure from return of the jedi.  the figures are now sealed permanently inside the clamshell case (due to complain from retailers).  this year mail-away exclusive was a set of collectible coins.  this would be the last of the vintage series due to high production cost along with lower sales than the standard line.

bossk - this is a great figure of bossk that accurately captures the movie character.  the figure also have nice details flight gear seen on the recent series.

han solo (hoth outfit) - this is the ultimate version of han solo hoth outfit.  the figure is one of the only hood-down version.  there was suppose to be a hood up head included with this figure but this was cancel.

ig-88 - this is not a reissued but completely new mold of assassin droid.  the body has super-detailing not found on previous versions.


luke skywalker (bespin fatiques) - there are already several remake of this figure but this one is probably the best rendition of luke in his bespin outfit.  the figure is slightly taller than previous bespin luke figures and has better details.

imperial stormtrooper (hoth battle gear) - this is one of the best figures of snowtroopers.  the figure is very articulated and highly details.  this figure was later reissued as part of the regular series.

princess leia (poncho) - this is curiously the only figure from return of the jedi.  the figure is from a new mold and seems a bit short in an attempt to make the figure more to scale.



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