2004 the original trilogy collection



vintage series


a new hope

luke skywalker

obi-wan (ben) kenobi

princess leia

han solo


the empire strikes back

darth vader

see-threepio (C3-PO)


lando carlrissian


return of the jedi

boba fett


artoo-detoo (R2-D2)





















the original trilogy collection


the first new "vintage" series was released part of the original trilogy collection line that hasbro introduced for 2004 to commemorate the release of the original star wars movies on dvd. the new vintage series is design to be premium action-figures line that take the figures from the vintage kenner star wars series and reproduce them using modern toy making technology to achieve not only a realistic look but at the same time paid a homage to the old vintage line with feature like vintage card backing and real cloth accessory. the 2004 series included twelve figures broken up into three separate waves - a new hope, the empire strike back and return of the jedi.  each figure is packaged in a replica of old kenner star wars style card and sealed inside protective clamshell blister. the "vintage" series was originally intended to be one-time marketing campaign, but due to popular demand Hasbro bring the series back in 2006 under "the saga collection".

vintage collection figure come package in a very nice and steady clamshell.




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