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1978 Police Keeper

1978 Microman Titan Series

Titan Space Knight T53X - T531 Adonis (c.1978)


T531 Adonis package

Titan Space Knight came in small box  packaging similar in size to previous Titan Command series..

Instruction & Sticker Sheet

The toy came with full color small half-fold instruction sheet with Titan Space Knight story on one side and instruction on the other. (Note the figure shown as a cross-section in the instruction is T532 Antarus)

Takara also included a small sticker sheet with Titan Space Knight.


Beside the Magnemo-8 wing attachments, Takara also included two sets of wheels, and a missile launcher (spring loaded) with two missiles.

These extra wheels accessories turn Titan Space Knight into a flying missile turret.

Titan Space Knight Story

The Titans searched the Titan moon for the possibility of more Microman still trap in their hibernation crystal prism.  They soon discovered fossilized crystal prism of Titan Microman in the tail dust of Micro-Comet that had crashed on the surface.  The life-support system inside had already stop but Titans using advance technology revived the new companions from the crystal prism that were still confined in the meteorite.  The new Titan became known as Titan Space Knight.  (May be Takara was implying that these guys were revived using the android technology of MicroKnight?)


T531 Adonis


T532 Antarus


Takara released Titan Space Knight Series in 1978.  Titan Space Knight would became the last of the Titan Series for the original Microman line.  Titan Space Knight Series consisted of only four different toys - two new Titan figures Space Knight T531 Adonis & T532 Antarus, and repaint of Titan Dober and Magne Condor which were given new designation as T541 Space Dober and T551 Space Condor.

Titan Space Knight T531 Adonis

Titan Space Knight design was a big change from the previous year series - the Titan Commands.  Titan Space Knight no longer had the robot-like blocky design and the figure even came with Microman style hands much like the first two Titan series.  The most significant change however was the lack of Magnemo-8 ball for the legs, instead the waist and pelvic were joined together via Magnemo-8 joint.  Titan Space Knight actually looked a lot like a Titan version of Arden.  The figure even came with 5mm port in the chest much like the Arden.   Titan Space Knight was also very tall (just like the Arden) and stood almost 14 cm tall.  The head also changed from the square robotic look to more of a humanoid cyborg head.  The head actually appear to be very similar in design to Timanic series that was also produced by Takara around the same time.

Takara released two Titan Space Knights - T531 Adonis (shown here) in white and blue color scheme and T532 Antarus in yellow and black.  Another interesting feature was the fact that the two Titans came with chrome finished lower legs and feet.


Titan Space Knight in flight mode

Titan Space Knight, liked all the previous Titan toys, came with several of the accessories for the figure.  The first set of accessories used Magnemo-8 ball joint and can be used to replaced Titan limbs and turn him into a plane.  The second set of accessories used the 5mm connectors and turn Titan into flying human-missile launcher.


Titan as flying-missile launcher