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1978 Police Keeper

1978 Titan Space Knight Series

Titan Space Dober T551 (c.1978)


Titan Space Dober T551 was sold in a similarly design box as Titan Space Knight T53X.

This particular Space Dober actually came from one of stores here in the US that imported Japanese toys during the late 70's early 80's.  Note the old price tag of $8.50, thought cheap by today standard, Space Dober was pretty expensive toy, at the time when most action-figures usually sell for around $2.00-3.00.


Space Dober came with several Magnemo-8 ball joint accessories that turn the magnetic rover into a tri-cycle for Microman figure.

Space Dober was repaint of the old 1975 Titan Dober Machines.  According to the catalog story Space Dober was rebuild from a damaged Titan Dober Machine. (See also 1975 Titan Dober Machines T42X

Takara also included colorful instruction sheet and a sticker sheet.

Takara released repaint version of Titan Dober Machine T42X from 1975 as Titan Space Dober T55X.   Unlike the old Dober, Space Dober only had one member T551 Black Space Dober.   (Takara also released repaint version of T41X Magne Condor as T541 Space Condor)


T551 Space Dober

Space Dober was exactly the same toy as T42X Dober Machine but with new color scheme.  The new Titan Dober now had solid black color body with gold plated accessories that turn the pooch into a golden tri-cycle.

Space Dober (Bike Mode) 

Titan Space Knight Series would be the last Microman Titan and possibly one of the very last magnemo-8 series toys released by Takara.  The Space Dober had the distinction of being the last Titan member and having highest designation number (551) of all Microman Titan figures.