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Meister came in flap window "Collection Series" style box. The The front featured artwork of Meister by Dreamwave Studio. Collection 01 Meister along with 02 Prowl were debut sets for the new T/F Collection line.

Collection 1 Meister (Jazz)

Transformers Meister or better known in the US as Jazz was one of the ten Diaclone Car Robot toys that were repackaged and sold as the first series Transformers by Hasbro (and later Takara). Meister was a white Porsche 935 and an Autobot (Cybertron).  Meister was reissued in July 2002 as first toy in the new T/F Collection series.  Reissued Meister suffered from poor fitting parts and very loose joints.  Some of these problems were fixed when Hasbro reissued the toy for US Commemorative Series.  Takara also released special Gold Jazz as e-Hobby Collector's Edition exclusive.

Commemorative Series 3

The toy was reissued as Autobot Jazz by Hasbro in April 2003. Hasbro followed Takara package design change and released Jazz in flap window box.

US version was renamed Autobot Jazz (due to copyright) and several modifications were made to keep the toy conformed to US safety standards such as elongated missiles and launcher, plus the used of flexible black plastic for gun and missiles.


Meister alternate mode - White Porsche 935 Turbo


Meister Toy Chronology


1983 Takara Diaclone Car Robot No. 14 White Porsche 935 Turbo

1984 Hasbro The Transformers Autobot Car Jazz

1985 Takara Transformers Super Robot Life No.06 Meister

1992 Hasbro Transformers Generation 2 Jazz (with new stickers)

2002 Takara T/F Collection 1 Meister

2003 Hasbro Transformers Commemorative Series Autobot Jazz





Collector's Edition series started off as limited edition series for minor TF characters but has evolved into line for new characters based on the old Diaclone and Microman variants.




e-HOBBY Exclusive (7/2002)

 06 Meister Gold Version (TV episode Golden Lagoon)

Gold plated version of Diaclone No.14 Porsche 935 was released as campaign promotion back in 1983.