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Megatron came in flap window "Collection Series" style box. The package was double-size of the normal Collection series due to extra toy contents. The front featured artwork of Megatron by Dreamwave Studio.

Collection 6 Megatron came with all the accessories that were included with the reissue 16S Megatron. As incentive Takara also included an energy morning star that was seen on TV episode of The Transformers.

Collection 6 Megatron

Transformers Megatron was one of several Microman toys that was repackaged and sold as first series Transformers by Hasbro (and later Takara). Megatron was a silver or gray Walther P-38 and leader of Destron (Decepticon).  Takara originally reissued Megatron in 2001 as part of the 15th Anniversary Edition series.  The reissued version came with the full gun extensions that were not included in the original Japanese releases of Megatron. Megatron was reissued again in December 2002 for T/F Collection series as Collection No.06.

T/F Anniversary Edition

Transformers 16S Megatron was reissued in March 2001 as part of the original reissued line - Transformers 15th Anniversary Series.  Exclusive black version of Megatron was also sold as e-HOBBY exclusive and Japan Bot Con exclusive. The reissue used the old Microman Micro Change MC-12 / MC-13 mold which made it fully compatible with Microman figure.



Megatron alternate mode - Silver Walther P-38


Megatron Toy Chronology


1983 Takara Microman Micro Change Gun Robo MC-12 Walther P-38 & MC-13 Walther P-38 UNCLE

1984 Hasbro The Transformers Decepticon Megatron

1995 Takara Transformers Super Robot Life No.16 Megatron (Japan version used Microman gray version of MC-12 which came without the attachments)

2000 Takara Anniversary Edition No.16S Megatron

2000 Takara Anniversary Edition e-Hobby Exclusive No.16S Black Megatron

2003 Takara T/F Collection 6 Megatron




Collector's Edition series started off as limited edition series for minor TF characters but has evolved into line for new characters based on the old Diaclone and Microman variants.



e-HOBBY Exclusive (11/2002)

 93 Megaplex Gray Walther P-38 (UNCLE Special)