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1978 Police Keeper

1978 Microman Police Keeper Series

Police Keeper Air Roader (c.1978)



Takara included a string and hanging tabs. The vehicle came with the extra magnetic backpack.


Takara released Air Roader in 1978 for Microman Police Keeper Series.  There were only three types of vehicles released for Police Keeper Microman the rest of the toys were either for the Build Base or MicroHoodman figures.  Takara decided to drop the vehicle category names such as "Machine Cars" , "Cosmo Cars" from the line. 

Police Keeper Air Roader (Tram Mode)

Air Roader was Microman "air-tram" vehicle build mainly for transportation. The vehicle was quite unique since it was design to be mount on a line and can move via the pulley on top of the vehicle.  Air Roader came with extra set of wheels that can be attach to the front and the pulley arm can be rotate downward and acts as rear wheels.  


Air Roader in car mode.

Air Roader is fully motorized (require two AA batteries).  The vehicle like the rest of Police Keeper battery operated toys can only be activate by placing the magnetic backpack to the seat section (which then complete the electrical circuit). This backpack can be attach to Microman figure via 5mm peg so when kid seated Microman figure equipped this backpack the vehicle would start to go and appeared as if Microman was driving it.