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1980 Microman Series

Black Tiger with M264? (c.1980)


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Black Tiger Tank features flashing light and can seat two Microman figures one on extendable missile launcher seat and another in driver seat.  The tank is fully motorized with spinning turret and recoil action on the barrels.

Exclusive Figure

Exclusive M264?

During the last year of the original Microman series, Takara released two remnants of the Rescue Microman vehicles - the Black Tiger Tank and the Rolling Thunder. 

Black Tiger Tank

Black Tiger Tank was very design with different purpose than the previous Rescue Command vehicles.  Last year Rescue vehicles were built as search and rescue type vehicle, Black Tiger tank however was obviously design for one purpose alone - destroy the Death Marcks & Death King.  Like most play-sets released during the second half of Rescue Series and Punch Series, it came with exclusive Microman figure.  The figure that included with Black Tiger was a dark olive green color M26X type.  The figure was not named nor designated by Takara.  The dark green color make him look a lot like army tank commander than a Rescue Crew.

The tank is motorized and it has two modes of operation.  The first one is stationary firing mode - when activate the light flashes, turret spins and twin barrel recoils.   The second mode is activated by lifting up the side wheels which causes the vehicle to move with bump-and-go mechanism.   Black Tiger also comes with a missile launcher mount on extendable seat locates next to driver seat.  The tank also has an add-on figure stands part that can be add to the back of the tank which along with numerous 5mm pegs on the tank turns it into a personnel carrier.