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1975 Project Victory Series

Microman Connig Station Base (c.1975)

Microman Base

Takara released Microman Connig Station Base in 1975 as part of Microman Zone - Man from Cosmos theme along with the Road Station Base.  Conning Station Base was the smallest base released by Takara for the Microman line.  

Connig Station

Unlike the Conning Tower Base and later Transfer Fortress Base, Connig Station was a non-vehicle design.  The base featured 70's sci-fi design with folding panels and rockets.  The base came with four seats and a hibernation chamber.   For defense, the base had twin missiles launcher and also a rear gun.   Beside the weapons, the base also came with several action features such as fold-out escape ramp, fold up rear deck, swirl seats and Microman figure launcher.

Microman Connig Station in mobile mode

Mego released the Connig Station Base as the "Astro Station" for Micronauts line in 1976.  Mego version was very similar to Takara Microman version with just a few minor changes.  Mego's Astro Station had all Microman references on the sticker removed, the missiles were changed to rubber tip style and the words "MEGO COPYRIGHT 1976 PAT. PENDING MADE IN HONG KONG" were added to the bottom section of the base.  (Microman version has just the old Takara logo)


Connig Station box. (This one is slightly beat up)


Connig Station came with four large missiles for the rear gun and four small missiles for the front twin-launcher.  Microman missiles were not the rubber tip varieties found in Mego Micronauts version.

Instruction & Catalog

Connig Station came with colorful silver pamphlet.  The pamphlet detailed Connig Station features and also double as a catalog.

*** Special Thanks to Melinda for the Connig Station and wonderful assortment of Microman items ***