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1975 Project Victory Series
Microman Zone Cosmo Car series - Micro Saucer UFO (Red), Micro Saucer UFO (Blue) & Micro Cessna (c.1975)
Cosmo Car
Takara released two vehicles in 1975 to continue Microman-zone Cosmo Car series started in 1974.   Both the Micro Saucer UFO and Micro Cessna had die-cast bodies which give the toys the weight and sheen not possible with plastic. This two Cosmo Car toys were the only two Microman vehicle that made from die-cast. 

Micro Saucer UFO (Red Type)

Micro Saucer UFO (Blue Type)

Micro Saucer UFO also came in red and  (Micro Cessna only come in blue).  Both toys used the same wind-up motor that power the Machine Car series but the motor unit came in white instead of chrome.

The main body of Micro Saucer was made from die-cast metal while the rest were made from plastics.  Micro Saucer UFO had very sleek streamline look.   The UFO definitely had that 70's Sci-fi look.

Cosmo Car Micro Cessna

Micro Cessna helicopter blades actually spin when the vehicles is moving.  The propeller in the front was also double as a missile and can be fire via a spring load mechanism.   These two Cosmo Cars are two of my favorite Microman vehicles since I remember them so well from the first Microman Manga episode.

Another interesting vehicle design - a Cessna merged with helicopter.  Micro Cessna upper body was made with die-cast metal.


Cosmo Car Micro Cessna came in the same style box as Micro Saucer.

Cosmo Car Micro Saucer UFO (the package is the same for red and blue version with small sticker denoted the color variants)

Microman Zone Legacy

Micro Cessna and Micro Saucer UFO are clearly designed for the original barefoot Microman Zone Microman (the barefoot series) since the cockpit spaces are very tight for the later post 1974 Microman figures and the seats lack the slot for the "L" connector.