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1980 Blizzard Acroyear Series / Mecha Series
Interstellar Emperor Death King (c.1980)


Death King Box

I found this toy at a local toy show, if it weren't for the Microman logo in the corner I would have no clue that this piece is a Microman toy.

Death King mini-plane which also double as chest cannon.  The cockpit open to reveal a miniature Death Marck inside. 

Takara released Death King in 1980, during the last year of the original Microman series.  Death King was a big, giant robot style toy, that shared very little with the design of previous Microman toys.  Death King toy actually looked more like a toy from the later 1982 Diaclone Series than a toy from the original Microman line.  Death King was about 10" tall, a big robot but still smaller than the Robotman.

Interstellar Emperor Death King

Death King, like his name sake, was an evil emperor from outer space.  He was very big in size, the plane that mount on his chest was actually a plane piloted by a Death Marck.   When the cockpit flip open (via a magnet mechanism) one can see a miniature Death Marck piloting the plane.   Death King along with most of the 1980's series Microman toys were definitely a forerunner of the Diaclone and New Microman toys.

Death King in a plane mode.  Takara sure borrowed a lot from Raydeen design.

Death King, unlike the previous big mecha for the Acroyear side, was neither a mecha nor a robot build by the Acroyears.  He was actually a living being.  Death King came from far reach of space and his powers was even fear by the Ardens.   Death King single handily destroyed the New Conning Tower and nearly killed several Rescue Crew Microman.  Not until the arrival of the Blizzard Man whose built-in armor can withstand the attack from the Emperor's Super Plasma Weapon that Microman were able to defend against this new threat.

Death King made an appearance in the manga as far back as the time of the Hoodman story.  He was depicted as space tyrant who traveled around in a giant skull like space station.   Death King was defeat by Akira quick thinking and he was force to retreat back into deep space but he vowed to someday return.

His wing can be fold over to act as a shield.  The blue shoulder pieces also pivot to cover his face like a big mask not unlike Raydeen.   Death King also came with four missiles that can be attach to the 5mm holes on his wing but this particular toy is missing all the missile accessories.