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1980 Microman Punch & Blizzard Series

Acroyear Series - Death Marck (c.1980)


Acroyear Series

Death Marck Red & Death Marck Blue


Death Fighters





Microman Acroyear Series

Death Marck

Released : 03/1980

Retail Price : 980 Yen

Microman Death Kings come in silver box with artwork of Blue Death King. The boxes are identical for both red and blue type with small white box in the corner to denote the color of the figures inside. The figure and the Death Fighter are packaged in styrofoam tray common to many Microman toys during 1979-1980 period,



Instruction & Insert



Death Marck comes with mono-color instruction sheet and small sticker sheet along with 1980 Microman catalog booklet.





Takara released Microman Death Marck toys in March of 1980 as part of the Punch & Blizzard series.  This would turn out to be the last Microman series for the original line as the long running series would be reset in 1981. Because of this reset, the Death Marck would be the final Acroyear figures to be released for the original series.  Death Marcks were retail for 980 yen back in 1980 so they were more expensive than the average Microman figure (about twice as much), but each Death Marck comes with small jet vehicle calls Death Fighter that can be use as stand alone or combine with the figure.  The color of the Death Fighter Jets are opposite from the Death Marck's body color, the blue Death Marck comes with red jet and red Death Marck comes with blue jet.

Death Marck, like the Ardens are not related to the Acroyears but rather another race from deep space that are out to destroy the universe and of course earth.  They are minions of the self proclaim Interstellar Emperor Death King.  The Death Marck is also the only Acroyear figures not to have designation numbers.  The main play gimmick for this year Microman line was back to magnets.  This time however, instead of the ball joints of the Magnemo series, the Punch & Blizzard line uses magnet block encase in plastic with 5mm holes on them.  The body of Death Marck is actually two blocks of magnetic hold together by small piece of plastic with a hinge and the the limbs have small metal screw and washer as connectors. The design as it turn out did not work too well and the figure end up falling apart at the slightest touch.

The design of Death Marck on the first glance seems to be a big departure from previous years Microman series and certainly from the other Acroyears, but closer look show that the figure design incorporate many of the Microman elements such as the chrome head death mask, mechanical arms and legs along with the ability to combine with vehicle similar to that of President Acroyear series. The figure while using the magnetic block design, still manage to keep 5mm port in their back (which can be use to attach the wing from the jet, the feet contain 5mm port and the claws also have 5mm port.  But that said, the figure is clearly a signal of the change to come for the Microman series.

Death Marck Story

The Death Marcks are evil mechanical alien race and servants of Emperor Death King.  They arrive from space to Earth via space station that disguise as Halley's comet. Their goal is to enslave human by turning people into mechanical being.  Death Marcks launch an attack on Microman Rescue Secret Base. Microman Blizzard detect the s.o.s. signal and came to aid Microman against the Death Marcks.