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Replica Microman Series 

Electric Dragon 80000V Movie Exclusive - Microman M12X "Dragon Eye" (7/24/2001)


Microman M12X Type

Microman M11X Type


Microman M11X (4/2000)

M111 Boson
M112 Barnes
M113 Bobby

M114 Blacky




Clear Mode M11X (6/9/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M111
Clear Mode M112
Clear Mode M113

Clear Mode M114


M110 Preton (2/01)
Microman Watch Set with Acroyear A384 Iron Star - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive 


M115 Ben (3/02)
Prototype Head Version Set with M125 Morgan - Figure Oh! Magazine Exclusive


M11X Tokyo Toy Fest (2/04)
Tokyo Toy Festival Exclusive Microman M11X


Microman M12X Type


Microman M12X (5/2000)

M121 Mason
M122 Michael
M123 Miller

M124 Max




Clear Mode M12X (7/9/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M121
Clear Mode M122
Clear Mode M123

Clear Mode M124


MW100Snow (4/01)
Warp Magazine Exclusive 


M12X "Dragon Eye" (7/24/01)
Electric Dragon 80000V Set  with M14X "The Thunderbolt Buddha" - Movie Exclusive


M125 Morgan (3/02)
Prototype Head Version Set with M115 Ben - Figure Oh! Magazine Exclusive 


Electric Dragon 80000V

The set came in a package similar to the other "two-packs" exclusive Takara had been using. The box was in black and white with the movie logos along the bottom.

M11X Story

Microman M11X are the Microman who were revived near earth planet core. Their bodies have undergone major evolution and every organs were replaced with cybernetic parts. They have unique energy circuit unlike any other Microman.

M111 Bobson - very intelligence and a leader of M11X.

M112 Barnes - medical doctors.  Head of Micro-Red Cross.

M113 - Bobby - great talent in development of weapons.

M114 Blacky - great knowledge of universal science. 

M12X story

Microman M12X was revived near the earth crust by Spectrum MX ray send out by the M10X Microman.  They were revived at the same time as the M11X type Microman.  M12X body was influence by the earth crust.

M121 Mason - great research scientist on natural phenomenon. 

M122 Michael - great pilot and can operate any vehicle with great ease.

M123 Miller - has super photographic memory

M124 Max - researching the galaxy. Pilot Robotman.

Takara released Microman Electric Dragon 80000V set to commemorate the release of the movie Electric Dragon 80000V. The set consisted of Microman M12X as "Dragon Eye" and M14X as ED80000V "The Thunderbolt Buddha". Microman Asano body was done in teal color with the lower part of the body done entirely in black. The shoes however was in bright red which made him a very interesting looking Microman figure. Asano came with metallic green guitar that can be mount to his back via a 5mm connector. "The Thunderbolt Buddha" was a light blue body Spy Magician M14X figure with black lower half also. He came with gray plastic Spy Magician wand (not chromed) and had metallic copper head instead of the usual Microman chromed head. (The copper head was probably to represent the "Buddha" metal mask he wore in the movie - see below for the complete story). Each figure came with smoke clear New Microman style capsule with "ED 80000V" logo printed on the case.

Microman "Dragon Eye"


(See Also - Replica Microman Series M14X "The Thunderbolt Buddha")

There was little information regarding the Microman connection to the movie, aside from the fact that they represented the two lead characters from the movie played by Tadanobu Asano and Masatoshi Nagase. (I will just assume either someone at Takara really like this movie or someone involved with the movie like Microman toys). ED80000V was a Japanese live action manga-style movie by the director Sogo Ishii.  The plot synopsis was pretty simple, the story of ED80000V was about two freaks-of-nature.  The first character, played by Asano, was a boy who got overdose on electric shock treatment and became "Dragon Eye" a guitar toting vigilante with 80000 volts of electricity in his body. The second character, play by Nagase, was about a boy who was struck by lighting while he was climbing electric post and became "The Thunderbolt Buddha" a human with so much electricity running through him that half of his body was encase in metal. The two met and the electric charge battle ensued.  For more information please check out Snowblood Apple's review of Electric Dragon 80000V.


Snowblood Apple is an excellent site with tons of info on Asian "extreme-action" cinema.