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1979 Rescue Microman Series

Microman Rescue Gyro - Blue Gyro with M273 Leonard & Black Gyro with M283 Clark (c.1979)


Microman Gyro came package in small box with window slit to display the exclusive figure inside.  Like most second series Rescue Microman toys, Gyro came in kid playing with toy box design.


M273 Leonard

This figure was sold exclusively with blue and white version of Microman Gyro.

M283 Clark

This figure was sold exclusively with black and orange version of Microman Gyro

During the second half of 1979, Takara began the practice of including exclusive version of Microman figure with vehicle and play-set.

Each figure came with Pulse Gun accessory.


Microman Gyro most likely came from abandon Police Keeper toy design, the prototype drawing can be found in Legend of Victory Mook

Takara released Microman Gyro during the second half of 1979 Rescue Microman Series.  Microman Gyro was a vehicle play-set along the line of the "Machine Car" series. Takara, however, had stopped using the vehicle categories such as "Machine Car", "Cosmo Car" or "Mecha" that they were using up until the release of Microman Police Keeper and Hoodman series in 1978 so these vehicles were simply call Microman Gyro.  There were two color variants of the Gyro - a blue and white and a black and orange.

Blue Gyro (plane mode) with M273 Leonard

During the second half of 1979, Takara also started the practiced of including an exclusive color Microman figure with vehicles.  This practice would continued up to the end of New Microman line in 1984.  Blue Microman Gyro came with second term Rescue Crew M273 Leonard.  Black Microman Gyro came with also second term Rescue Crew M283 Clark.  M273 was orange and black color (same color scheme as M251 Robin) and M283 was dark blue and white (same color scheme as M252 William).

Black Gyro with M283 Clark

Microman Gyro was basically a friction style motorized vehicle.  The main body was a one man hover craft that can transformed into a jet using various interchangeable parts included with each Gyro.  Takara also included several other parts for different configuration.  The toys was one of the last few "interchangeable" Microman toys.  Microman Gyro was often overlook by Microman collectors and  can be found at reasonable price.  Like many Rescue Microman toys, there were many dead-stocks of Microman Gyro toys.

Gyro came with extra chair, wheel and connector to make a "side car".  The toys also came with extra part (shown below) with folding hinge and several 5mm holes for even more interchangeable.