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Microman 2004 Series

Material Force Series Toys R Us Exclusive Microman M-04 Core (Red) (2/04)


Microman 2004



Series 1  - Reissue (2/04)

M-01 Obsidian (Black)

M-02 Cloud (White)

M-03 Rover (Flesh)

M-04 Core (Red)


Series 2 (4/28/04)
M-05 Sur (Yellow)


Series 3 (7/21/04)
M-06 Turso (Blue)

 M-04 Core


Material Force M-06 came in the same style packaging as the previous Material Forces (2nd series). For the 3rd series Takara also replaced twist tie with vacuum form bubble tray to hold the figure inside.




Takara Material Force series was design for fans and collectors to create their own custom Microman figure using the "blank" core body (i.e. "materials") provided by Takara. The initial test series were sold exclusively at Toys R Us in Japan and they were sold out in very short period of time. Takara, then, released the 2nd run of first four Material Force (series 1) in February of 2004 and then again in April and July as these figures were quickly snapped up by both custom builders and Microman collectors alike. With the second run, Takara gave the series another added incentive and added designation number and name to these "blank" figures. (They also went back and numbered the 2003 Microman series). M-04 Core was one of the four original Material Force and was reissued in February and then again in April and June when Takara released M-05 and M-06 respectively. The current re-released version was identical to the first version with the change being in the packaging. The re-issued versions had new packaging and starting with the M-05 the figures were sold with the plastic tree to hold the extra hands. The third reissued with M-06, the figures were now being packaged in bubble tray instead of being twist tie to the cardboard paper.

M-04 Core also came with original catalog insert. Takara had included name and designation for these "blank" Microman to make them a full fledge member of the Microman force. Here are some of their bio courtesy of Tomoyoshi Araki.


Material Force Members


M-01 Obsidian - has been serving Microman Arm Force for a long time and has much experience.

M-02 Cloud - moody person but his combat skill is trust by all members of Material Force.

M-03 Rover - specialist of martial arts. Warrior of respect Bushido.

M-04 Core - reckless fighter that taunt his enemy, his defect is his ill temper.

M-05 Sur - mission planner and highly intelligence. He is physically weaker than other Material Force but a cheerful soldier.

M-06 Turso - he caused the infection of Acro-Virus by accident which created Dark Army Soldier. His goal is knowing Earth heritage.